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Mm... Softly Snagged in His Lair (COTS)

He asked me to remove my clothes      
Standing in the light of his glory      
Devoid of my hindrance concealing the gateway to my soul      
He laid me upon his holy ground      
His hypnotic eyes held mine under arrest      
As his beguiling mind breezed over me in a favored pitch of undulated ecstasy      
Holding out my arms out to the lust of my midnight salvation      
Cocooning his physical in the magnetic tenderness of my craving      
The twilight of his spirit      
Joining me in the sweetest ambience of rapture      
Where our names will make history on silken sheets for where our, minds, and bodies shall emotionally speak      
In a faraway land exploring the secret covenants of my temple      
Where droplets of passionate love feel as a gentle caress      
Hushed whispers echoed, butterflies' dances in the glee of our merriment      
Sustained within the hourglass of time for two pulsating hearts flowing in communion      
Worshipping me in same beautiful place you take me to nightly as our blended souls kiss the stars      
Where you softly caress me on the moon      
And then make such tender love to me under the warmth of the sun      
He keeps me grounded in the wrath of his love      
Parting the sacredness of my Chi with the adulation of his deep      
Thrusting inside my torments, my pains, my wishes      
Giving me the balance of his needs      
Mm... my body breathless in his soulful acceptance      
Hands clasped bringing the stupefaction of lost times      
No loss in his whispers as he fornicates them upon the softness of my skin      
Calling out my name in the fall of his benediction      
Reeling in his emotions, his devotion      
Feening off his wants      
Dining on the intellect      
Enticing words resonating when locked in my carnal sanctuary keeps me wet      
Until the sun rises high in the sky      
He is the wine, and I am his peach pie      
Intoxicating in the effect with the ascent      
Over the heights of Nirvana’s peak, we reach      
Clenching and blending, sloppy kisses mending      
Famished passion sending us over the top      
Mm... such a tidal wave to be under the dominance of his hunger while my cherry caves in, giving him the gushing of the cherry pop      
His neck strained raiding my g-spot      
As this man to this woman, he makes me sooooo hot      
My body unto his encased      
My lips are the last he tastes      
Then reassurance whispered in the ear while lovingly stroking my face


Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Everyone have a blessed Wednesday, my favorite day of the week.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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