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Ancient Memories: Sisters of Dis'kordiah

- Ancient Memories: Sisters of Dis'kordiah -

   “This is a most unwise endeavor, to be certain, my count!” exclaimed the tall and imposing woman as whom I had picked to head up the guards that accompanied me. She was tall, with chalk white skin, a shaved head with a raven black topknot ponytail that cascaded down her back and bobbed as she made her pace quickened to keep up with myself and the others. She wore the black armor with gray trim that marked her as a member of these guards. They were not among the elite, they were hardly the best of the best, but they did their job well and rarely complained. The common folk feared their displeasure, but they feared mine even more. Emblazoned upon the breastplate of their armor was a ram skull with two curved horns, all blood red. One of the symbols of our noble house, and the one that inspired the most fear in our enemies. The lady guard continued: “Taking so small a contingent was bad enough, I daresay, but now you want to go it alone. At the midnight hour, nonetheless, and in a bad section of the city. Truly, I am beginning to think you truly are as simple-minded as some of the servants claim!” I did spin around and seize her by the throat, furious. “Simple-minded? Remind me to have those servants... when we return to base later... put to death in public as a lesson to others! I have my reasons for what it is I am about to do. If you want, you may accompany me... but it needs to be only the two of us. Do you understand me, Dala'ki?” She smiled mischievously, licking her lips. Then... she said: “It has been quite a while since you've grabbed me like this. I like it! And yes... I shall accompany you, Gislu. Even if it is a truly mad mission.” She then called to the other guards: “Fall back to base! I will be going it alone, at our lord's side. If we do not return, just remember I tried to talk sense into the good count.” I let go of the woman, and turned back to the city streets before me, the neon lights of the various shop signs all playing their various colors upon the brutal stone and smooth metal of the walls of the buildings. It was a chaotic place, the market district, and a dangerous one. A nearby restaurant had loud music blasting... and there were rowdy voices coming from within. This, was hardly my favorite part of town, but one has to do what one must at times. Dala'ki sighed exasperatedly, and stated: “Gislu... my count... only a short while ago, you were all for bringing the other guards. Now, this! Care to explain your reasoning?” I said to her honestly: “No, I do not. You will see what I have planned momentarily. I have my plans.”

   The lady guard pointed to the street a good distance from our present position. There was a fire, and a great deal of smoke coming from a break in the side of one of the buildings. Pieces of smoking rubble, a great deal of shattered glass, and an acrid smell said that this was the result of a chemically-fashioned bomb. Probably a portable one that could be attached to a surface and detonated at a distance. I stated as much to my companion, and she nodded her head in agreement as she grasped the shaft of her sharp bladed electric spear tightly. She pressed a button on it, filling the bladed tip with electricity. Any who might be unlucky enough to be  struck with it would receive a taser-like charge through their body. My machete-like sword had a similar device, though it was more lethal by far. It was a new model, not my usual weapon, but the old one needed a replacement anyway. I took it our from its' sheathe on my back, and looked at the scene in front of us. Whoever had done this, they could be anywhere within the very immediate vicinity... if they were not still at the scene of their crime. “So, darling... shall we go in, our would you like a kiss for good luck first?” The lady guard asked me. We were lovers, and everyone in her squad knew it, which is why they all feared her displeasure and looked to her as their leader despite that she was of a junior rank. Though her combat skills were veteran level. “Perhaps later! For now, we need to focus on the mission.” I stated, though I looked at her and gave her a knowing wink before then saying: “Perhaps later, though!” She smiled, and we passed through the opening in the building. In the very moment when I first heard about this explosion, I realized a large force of guards might frighten the criminals we were after. With only two of us, there was no way that they could know we were on our way. A stealthier approach would ensure that we could capture or kill them without it going wrong.

   We passed through that part of the hole which was no longer on fire, being careful to avoid the flames that were still raging, however. As our eyes adjusted to the interior light, which was pale and blue due to the icy coloration of the ceiling lights... we saw so far no sign of the intruders. There were boxes, all manner of crates and barrels and packages stacked on shelves and on the floor all about. None of them had been broken into, so very clearly none of that was the target of the ones who had blasted their way in. I felt nervous, but did not admit to this so as not to worry Dala'ki. I wondered how many opposed us, how many we might face when we did catch up to the criminals. It was a reasonable concern. This was truly a damned if do, damned if you do not sort of situation. And damned or not, I felt like we were just entering the mouth of Hell itself. Everything felt wrong, it all felt off, and I had no idea what we might even be up against. The security cameras watching the street caught nothing but the noise, as they were facing the front of the building and not the alleyway. These intruders were smart, they knew enough to pick the one way that would ensure they would not be seen. But not smart enough to avoid tripping the alarm that alerted the guards to their crime. I was sent by the Supreme Matriarch of our house to ensure that these petty criminals be stopped. Hardly a job suited for a noble count, but even so despite that this felt like a punishment... I intended to do the job right, well, and efficiently. And bring honor and glory, to our house. I could always express my irritation to the Matriarch herself, later... as I had done before.

   Before long, as we made our way through the rooms before us, we discovered the bodies of many of the workers in what I now realized was a warehouse or a storage facility of some kind. They had all, in brutal fashion, been cut down by sharp weapons. No signs of charring or burns on any of the wounds... so it seemed, that the weapons had not been electrically charged ones at least. That put us at something of an advantage, since we could incapacitate them quicker than they could cut us down. Unless it was, that they had the advantage of numbers. But I assumed not, since this seemed like a small operation on the part of whoever planned it. “Messy!” whispered Dala'ki,and I nodded my head in agreement. “We are not facing professionals here.” I said quietly in agreement. That was definitely an understatement... professionals, would have made certain to discover first whether or not the place was protected by any alarms before attempting to break into it. We passed hallways containing various ancient artifacts, not any of which had been tampered with in any way. Bars of gold and silver sat untouched. Nothing of any real value to anyone had been taken thus far. Whatever these people were after here, it was something in the way of an unusual goal that had brought them to do this. “None of this makes any sense.” I said. The lady guard agreed with me, nodding her head. She then said: “Why bother going to all this trouble, and then not steal anything? I have actually heard of organized crime groups doing things like this just to frighten shopkeepers into doing what they want... but protection rackets were cracked down on in this part of the city decades ago. Why pick now to make a return appearance?” I shook my head, and I cautioned her to be quieter. Then, I replied: “Like I said, none of this makes any sense. But I swear! I will make these people suffer when we do catch up to them. They ruined my plans for the night.” To which the lady guard said sarcastically: “As if a night at the royal pleasure house is more important!” I chuckled a bit, then whispered: “Why, my lady, you almost sound jealous.” She blushed, and we fell silent as we continued to search the building. There was a horrific stench coming from a room not far off, and when we entered it we discovered about ten men and woman all hung and disemboweled. Their intestines were heaped about on the ground beneath them, along with urine and excrement. All signs of their having been tortured before being killed. “Disgusting!” Exclaimed the guard woman, to which I replied: “They certainly appear to have taken their time doing this. Too bad we did not get here an hour sooner... we might have saved these people before it was too late. Honestly, had the guards not had to wait for me to arrive... on the Matriarch's orders... you could have taken care of this yourselves. Maybe then, you wouldn't have to clean all this up later. Now, who is the simple-minded one? This is insane.”

   We kept searching, hoping beyond hope that the villains were not gone already. They had ample time to kill and run, after all. And we seemed to be several steps behind them no matter what. “Too bad they made artificially intelligent drones illegal, or we could have used one to scout out these rooms without having to risk our necks like this.” Dala'ki complained, remembering to keep her voice down. I nodded my head in agreement, and said: “That was a stupid law! It hardly stopped all criminals from employing them, and you can still get them on the black market anyway. Just makes it harder for you city guards to do your jobs, is what it does.” She then smiled, and said: “Old school police work, have to love it!” I shook my head, and frowned, stating: “I do not... love it. And yes, I know you were making a joke. I am not in any mood for jokes right now! Those dead people, whose guts were all cut out, are not laughing.” Then, suddenly, a large burly man in a gray jumpsuit leapt out of a side hallway at us, wielding a sharp serrated edged battle ax in his hands. He took a wild swing, and managed to get the ax stuck in one of the support beams of the room we were in. He cursed loudly, growling like an animal, and tried with a great exertion of might to withdraw his weapon. He could not, and so he abandoned it and tried to run. “Oh, no you do not!” screamed the lady guard, who gave chase. I hurried after, and called out for that man to surrender himself at once. He refused to listen, until I shouted: “I am Count Gislu Ra'vann! You may have heard of me... or not. Either way, stop resisting arrest or we will do worse by far to you than you did to those people you killed!” The man began to shake from fear once I said that, and he did spin around as if to double check that indeed it was I who was in pursuit of him. He cried out: “Oh gods, no! Not the demon lord. I am so totally fucked!” That was enough time for my companion to throw at the man her spear, which struck his right leg with precision. The man shook from the electric charge which coursed through his body from the spear, and then he collapsed to the floor, drooling but alive. It was a single charge... spears like that could only deliver one charge before having to be reset. Dala'ki walked over calmly, and removed her spear, then pressed the reset button. I stood over the man... he was short, for being so burly and muscular. He was large, as I had said of him previously, but not tall in stature by any means. I smiled, leaned down, and said to the man: “Yes! You are quite... fucked, it seems. Care to tell us what you are doing here? And how many others are or were with you. You do not have to rush of course! I can always take my time and torture the information out of you. Like... this.” I then took out a tooth extraction device from my pocket and ripped out one of the man's teeth with it before stabbing the gap where his tooth had been with a needle filled with a pain enhancing fluid. The man screamed, and shrieked. He had not fully recovered form his shocking, and now this. He rolled about, flopping around on the floor, before finally growing limp and crying hysterically. “Still do not feel talkative? Too bad... I was hoping for your sake, you would have something to tell me. You know, we can find out who you are once we take you back to headquarters. We can find any family members you have, any loved ones. Any children you might have... and you can be certain I will pay them a visit. You do know about what I do to the families and children of scum like you. Don't you?” He cried even harder on hearing me say that threat. “I... I have three daughters. I am divorced from my wife. No other family. Please... do not... do not harm my daughters. I beg of you! There were eight others with me... we were after something, I was never told what. Only the boss knew, and he kept the details to himself. I will tell you where they went... they left me behind to keep an eye out in case the guards showed up. Looks like they did. Just my fucking luck!” I then took out a scalpel from another pocket, and made a clean slash along the side of the man's face... not deep, just enough to hurt and leave a scar. “Well? I am listening. Tell me all you know, and maybe... just maybe... I will not rape your youngest daughter. But no promises just yet! You piece of worthless filth.” He still could not move his limbs... the shock would keep him motionless for a good while. I could always cut his tendons to incapacitate him further, and told him I would do that if he took too long to talk. He spilled everything he knew... and only after that did I kill him by cutting his throat. It took me slashing his eyes before he would divulge it all though. He was a mess, by that point.

   The lady guard said to me in a lighthearted tone: “I have to say, you can never be accused of using a light touch with prisoners. No wonder they call you a demon! Even I never went that far.” I said to her in a matter of fact tone of voice: “At least we got the information we needed! Their boss is a collector, and he has the artifact he was looking for. They're at his mansion on the city outskirts, and there are as far as we can be certain from what our friend here told us, about eight thieves in total as of now. Nine, if we count their boss who did not take part in what happened here. We get the other guards, go in full force to raid the mansion... kill everyone inside... and retrieve the artifact. The warehouse owner can be sure to thank us later. If he or she wasn't one of the dead people back there. Either way, job well done!” My companion shook her head, and said sarcastically: “What, not in the mood to do more solo work?” I chuckled and said to her in reply: “I may be a demon, but I am not suicidal. We go in full force! And if they resist, then may the gods help them.” She then laughed, and said in an accusatory manner: “Come on, Gislu! We both know that subtlety is never your strongest point. Killing, torture, rape, and worse... but definitely not subtlety. Although I have to hand it to you, this time you had the right idea. That man was not expecting only the two of us to show up. A larger force, and he would have bolted out before we could catch him. At least now, we have some time to plain our next moves and get the job finished.” I then chuckled in an evil manner. “Then, when all is said and done, I intend to enjoy myself with one of that man's daughters. Probably the youngest, if she is a pretty girl and not too-too young.” At which the lady guard said somewhat disapprovingly: “So, you actually do have standards after all! I heard you will go for girls as young as eight and as old as fifteen, but usually not older than that. Except for cases like with me. I have noticed you do not always like them young.” I kissed her passionately, then said to her: “It is beauty that attracts me, my lady! I find you beautiful... be glad for it.” Then I grabbed her just between her legs, which elicited a gasp from her before she blushed. Doing that excited me more than a bit, but neither of us went any further than that for the time being. “You are a tease, Gislu! A tease.” she said to me as we began to make our way back out of the building. I replied to her, saying: “I am saving something up for the young girl later on. You and I, can get together perhaps the day after I finish with her. But before anything else, we have a would-be criminal mastermind to catch. I of course refer to the man as such sarcastically.” She laughed, giggling mischievously. That was how it always was between she and I... there was something there, something perverse but perfect. I always enjoyed, her company.

   The guards met with us in the planning room, and we decided to deploy stealth troopers all around the perimeter of the mansion's grounds, first and foremost. That would cut off any escape on foot. Then, as soon as those were in place we intended to send out several air cars carrying mounted weapons, so that in case they had any such vehicles themselves they would not be able to escape by flying away. Then... and only then... would we march out to the mansion and kick the doors down. The air cars would make enough noise to keep the criminals distracted by looking up at the sky, and they would not be expecting anyone to come in through the front doors. We knew the place's location precisely, we knew exactly the size of the force waiting for us inside, and we had the superior numbers to apprehend the criminals. But I was not interested in apprehending them... I intended to make an example of them, to deter other such criminals from doing anything illegal in the future. On our planet, the law was harsh, and as a noble of the royal house that governed that world... I used a heavy hand against those who defied us. Sometimes, I was told I went too far, was too brutal. But it kept the peace, and up until this incident no one had for a long time dared to break the law under my house's watch. If I was successful, they would think twice before even thinking of doing so again. I hated this kind of drudgery work, but the entire reason why it was the Matriarch always sent for me... is because my methods although brutish and cruel got results. If she considered this a punishment for messing up the last military campaign, she was about to get a cold reminder that for every one defeat I may have suffered... I won many times more victories, in her name.

   The humming sound of the air cars filled the night air during the fourth hour after midnight. It would be dawn soon, and fortunately I had slept well the morning before I was called in for this assignment. I had plenty of energy for what lay before me! The stealth troopers were in their hidden positions, and the paved concrete of the yard surrounding the hill on which the mansion sat may as well have been pretty much a parking lot. No grass grew there, nor any vegetation. Beyond that, was some volcanic soil that looked sickly and was filled with as much ash as dirt. All around that, there was a high wall that cast all beneath it in thick shadow. In that shadowy area, that is where the stealth troopers waited... all dressed in black, and making no sounds to betray their presence. There was a metal fence surrounding the base of the hill, and it was electrified. That would be no impediment to us, since we had only to make use of a Lorg'nath hound in order to deal with it. Those hounds could take in so much electricity before dying, that they could cause a fence like that overload or be drained entirely depending on the capacity of the generator that was powering the fence. The first thing we did as we approached, was to unleash the dog upon the fence. It was a massive animal, about the size of a pony, and had a thick reptilian hide like that of a lizard. Whilst it did its' job electrocuting itself on the fence, we waited for the electricity to cease as the air cars made certain that those inside the mansion knew they were there. The cars blasted very loud music, and fired their guns multiple times. I was not paying attention to the mansion itself, since I was mainly focused on watching the steps leading up the hill beyond the fence's front gate. Just to be certain that no one was coming down out of the mansion to escape in our direction. But no one did, and after a while the fence was depleted of electricity. It sparked several times, and then the hound went limp. That is how we knew it was safe to break the gate open at last. Even so, however, we used a small battering ram carried by four men to do it, and they had protective gloves on just to be sure. There was indeed, no electricity left in the fence... and the gate was cast open after only five hits from the ram. We charged up the steps, and had the scouts that were with us go first. They kicked the mansion's doors open, and in moments we all poured inside, everyone who was a part of the main force deployed to deal with those who waited for us within. I let out a loud battle cry, and as soon as I myself had crossed the threshold, I could hear the sounds of men cursing loudly and drawing their weapons. There were about twenty men inside the mansion at first glance, all hired muscle that were armed to the teeth. Our advantage, was the fact that they clearly were not expecting anyone to come through the front doors. As I had expected, the lot of them had been looking out the windows and watching the air cars above. Most of the guards did not have electrically charged weapons, perhaps only five out of ten guards even carried them at all. It was for a goodly reason... the weapons were expensive, unlike regular weapons. Thus, the twenty five of our men met those twenty of theirs, and a pitched battle began. Apparently, those eight men that the man I had tortured had told me about had only been a small part of a much larger force. I rushed about, trying to make sense of the chaos all around me, and unsheathed my electrified sword immediately. I hacked the first man who set upon me to death after cutting his sword in two, and throw a dagger into the neck of another man. That was two of them down, at least. Dala'ki took down three more, and soon enough the mansion's main hall began to grow at least a bit quieter. We lost ten men in total, and all of the enemies we faced were slain to the last man. They had tremendous skill, and fought with strength... and the determination of people who have nothing to lose. That left us with fifteen guards remaining to us, not counting myself and Dala'ki. It was a hard-won victory, and we were not finished yet. We had to still find the artifact and deal none too gently with the man who had organized its' theft. I called out: “I want every room searched from top to bottom! Check for traps, and watch out for any surprises. If there are more men waiting for us, I went them cut to ribbons with no further casualties on our side.” We did go room by room, and every so often I would hear a clash coming from another part of the large house as our remaining guards met with some more criminal thugs. Dala'ki accompanied me, and with us was a young guardsman who watched our backs. The atmosphere was tense, and danger could be anywhere.

   Eventually, the thee of us reached an upstairs room that had a door that was locked. Dala'ki kicked the door in, and she ordered the young guardsman to rush through first. A shot from a needle gun took him in the neck, fired by a tall burgundy haired woman in a short silky looking miniskirt with a white blouse tucked into it. The guardsman fell dead instantly... the needle had clearly been laced with poison. But in the moment it took the woman to reload her weapon, Dala'ki had managed to subdue her. “Hold up!” I commanded, adding: “Do not kill her, at least not yet. I want to have a talk with her first. I then walked over to the doors and closed them. I said to the captive woman, as I approached her menacingly: “Are you the one who organized the theft that I was sent to deal with?” The woman nodded her head, but so far said nothing further. “Excellent!” I began, and then proceeded to say: “Now, where is the artifact? I know you stole one from that warehouse in the city... one of your own men ratted you and your whole plan out to me before I put him out of his misery. He took a bit to die, you know. I wonder how long I might be able to make you last... before you literally beg me to end your life? You are actually a rather very attractive looking young woman, I see... a pity, as I was going to save myself for another. But, duty calls and to be frank with you I am feeling rather horny!” Whilst Dala'ki held the woman by her arms, I tore the woman's blouse open and ripped her bra from her chest. Her ample breasts jiggled as I grasped them in my hands after setting my sword down. “Tell me, where is the artifact?” I asked, before licking the woman's breasts lustfully. Them I groped her between her legs and pulled her skirt up to her waist. I fingered her through her panties a bit, and laughed as I did so. I was very aroused by that point, and was about to have Dala'ki take the woman to the floor so I could rape her when suddenly the woman, seeing my intent, cried out with tears beginning to form in her eyes: “No! No, please... please... you can have it if you want it back that badly. It is in the chest next to the bookshelf behind my desk here. Alright? No need to do this... just kill me if you have to, but please not this.” I walked over toward the chest, and I had a sudden feeling of dread. I said to the woman: “Very well, then! I will not have my way with you, if you would be so kind as to open this chest for me. Just to prove it is safe, and not containing a trap.” Dala'ki had already disarmed the woman, so there was no harm in legging go of her. My companion did so, and the woman walked over to the chest. I stepped aside, as she cast it open. Within it, was a golden metal cylinder covered in black runic symbols. At one end of it was a globe of the same golden metal as the whole thing was fashioned from. Several handles were affixed to it, though what the purpose of any of that was, it was impossible to determine. I took it in my hands, and studied it for a moment. “It is an ugly thing, to make so much trouble over.” I stated, passing the object to Dala'ki. Then I sighed, and did walk back to the woman with the burgundy colored hair, who was cringing in a corner of the room. I so said unto her: “Tell me... why did you want it so badly?” The woman answered nervously: “I... I am but a collector is all. This piece has sentimental value to me.” I slapped her hard across the face, and stated: “Is that even remotely a good lie? No! That has to be the worst, the lousiest, lie I have ever heard in my life. Clearly, that valuable piece is ancient by the look of it. An ancient relic could not possibly hold any sentimental value to anyone still living today. Now, I do demand you tell me why you wanted this... or I will most definitely be quite thorough in having my way with you. Is a secret worth being shamed for?” I caressed her hair, her face, and she looked up at me from the floor fearfully. “It is worthy dying for?” I asked. My eyes fell to her breasts, to the lovely mound between her legs. She knew I would do as I said I would, and yet she refused to speak. I dragged her unto her back, away from the walls that she was in the process of propping herself up against, and I pulled her panties aside to reveal the cleft of her young womanhood. I pulled both my pantaloons and undergarments down, and pinned her arms to the floor as I thrust into her hard. I moved in and out of her, over and over again fast and rough. She moaned like a harlot as I did climax inside of her, my warm fluids shooting up into her body. I stood up after that, and then I pulled my undergarments and pantaloons back up. I tied the drawstring of my pants, and then did say unto Dala'ki after that: “I want you to give her to the remaining men. Have them take her like I did.”

   After the woman had been gang raped for several long hours whilst I and Dala'ki watched, the woman at last broke down and shrieked: “Enough! Oh gods, enough, please... I can take no more...” she cried, sobbing piteously, as she said: “It has power in it... it can channel the Divine Force of this universe, and whoever can unlock its' power could become a god. Now please, please have mercy on me... and stop.” I smiled, and then said to the men: “Very well! Kill her... after raping her in any ways you did not rape her in previously. I want her to suffer greatly before she dies, so any men up for another several rounds with her is welcome to do as they please. And when you do kill her... make it messy.” Then, whilst the woman was violated still further and in more obscene ways than previous, I walked out of the mansion with Dala'ki at my side and the artifact in our possession. By the time of the gang rape, all of the thieves had been slain to the last and not a single one escaped. Once we were clear of the hill, I said to the lady guard who was my companion: “I want you to oversee this mansion being burned to the ground, and I want the corpses of the thieves and that woman to be hung from the fence for all to see. They are not to be buried, I want them to be a message for anyone who even thinks about breaking the law again. I still mean to partake of that young girl I had on my mind earlier, but for now I need to discuss that artifact... with the owner of the warehouse. So, give to me and I shall be about that task next. When you are able to find out who the daughters are of that man I tortured previously, let me know so I venture on over to their home and pay them my respects whilst I inform them of their father's tragic demise.” Some might say that I was evil, that I was a sadist. Most said worse things about me in that life, during those times, on that world. And on other worlds as well. You might assume that an advanced civilization capable of space travel would be enlightened and above violence, lust... and the sort of greed that drives people to steal. But the noble house that I belonged to, it was known for its' casual cruelties and extreme brutality. And the peoples we ruled over would often attempt to rebel against us, and sometimes test themselves against our laws. The response was always heavy handed and violent, and I knew no better since I was raised by a family who had been practically dictatorial and tyrannical towards their subjects... before my father had to be deposed because he went too far. It was by my very own hands, that he had been slain, when I backed the House of Fire and its' Matriarch in a coup against my father. When he fell, so did the house of my birth... and it was absorbed into the House of Fire in the moment the Matriarch adopted me into her house and allowed me to remain a member of the nobility. She was like a mother to me, and I think that I would have rather died than fail her. I was nearly fanatical in her service, and rarely did I so question her commandments. The House Lan'ka was no more the moment my father died... but on the world known as Gehenna Primus the woman who was seen as the savior of the people had become all too quickly just as much a tyrant as ever my father had been. Her greatest virtue, however, was that she was generous to a fault... and that is why the people tolerated her rule. And, in truth, they loved her! For unlike my father, she knew when not to push too far. She was ambitious like him, and brutal like him... but she knew how to make the people flock to her banner and stay on her side. She knew how to calm me when anger overtook my reason, and she knew how to keep me contented in her service. Mostly, in the years in which this particular incident I have been relating thus far took place, she remained firmly within the comfortable confines of the same great palace that had once belonged to my father's house. I was her strong right hand, although sometimes she teased me about the fact that I did not have a head for the sort of complex intrigues that she was most fond of engaging herself in. Court politics so bored me, and I preferred to get things done more directly, if not bluntly. Somewhere within me, I had a good heart and soul... but I was raised, taught, and trained to be cruel. And in that time in which these events took place, I had yet to truly come to terms with the fact that I was unhappy with my lot in life. I kept to my serving of the Matriarch, and with each new atrocity I committed for her... I told myself that I was in fact simply doing what one must to please their mother. For now, that meant finding out what was to be done with this dangerous artifact. And by whatever means were necessary, I intended to do just that.

   The owner of the warehouse... turned out to be the eldest daughter of one of the men who had been in on the theft of the artifact. She put her father up to joining in on the theft, and had him contact his boss in the criminal underworld, the woman with the burgundy hair. She planned for her father to thereafter sell the artifact to the burgundy haired woman for a small fortune, so that she could retire from the oh so monotonous warehouse business that she had been running ever since she came of age and inherited the business from her mother. She herself did not know anything about the artifact or any power that it may have possessed. As she sat across from me on the couch in the living room of her house, her two others sisters... the middle sister, and the youngest, stared at me with eyes wide from fear. They were all very young! The one who owned the warehouse, whose name was Ki'shan'dora, was about twenty five years old, and had only been running the warehouse business for the past seven or eight years at best. She was not quite beautiful but had rather plain looks and had her platinum blonde hair cut short in a kind of pixie style. She wore a sky blue pantsuit, which contrasts well with her pale white but pinkish tinted skin. She had eyes that were definitely not like her fathers, for hers were a soft hazel color. I had only to assume she had her mother's eyes. She was slender, rather a bit on the thin side. Now her middle sister was fifteen years old, and her name was Par'neliel. The young girl had long blonde hair the exact same color as her sister, and the same hazel colored eyes. She was a bit skinny, but not unhealthily so in the least, and wore a soft pink party dress that came to her knees and which was frilly, puffy, and just that sort of garment that a young girl who fancies herself a princess would wear. Her hair was styled in a wild, wavy sort of way and she obviously had a fondness for having it curled at the ends. Lastly, the youngest sister... the one I felt most attracted to, as I suspected I would... her name was Stefi'netta. She was ten years old, was stocky of build, and had a round and pleasant face with rather cherubic features. She had lovely plump lips, big hazel eyes, an adorable look to her features overall, and seemed to be the most uncomfortable and awkward of the three sisters. She looked about nervously, fidgeted a bit, and averted my gaze whenever I looked into her eyes, which I found myself doing quite a bit. She wore a very cute little girl's romper that was kind of like a bloomer jumpsuit. The bloomers part of it came to her mid thighs. The outfit was red with pink trim. The girl was barefoot, unlike her sisters, and I could only assume she was the most active of the three since the bottoms of her feet with a bit dirty. She did not wear any jewelry, unlike the other two, and I got the impression she may have been something of a tomboy. She wore her platinum blonde hair in a shoulder-length pageboy bob style, and her bangs were trimmed neatly and came to just above her delicately shaped eyebrows. I paced a bit back and forth as I regarded the sisters, and then I said: “The artifact in question is reputed to have unspeakable powers. I have placed it on the glass table over there.” and I indicated the table I was talking about, which was by the window that faced the back yard of the girls' house. “I doubt anyone has the wisdom or knowledge to use it intelligently, so I intend to destroy it if I can. But, first, there is the matter of your father being dead. As I explained to all of you, he was a criminal and a terrorist of sorts. An enemy of the state and therefore I did right in executing him as I did. However, there is still the matter of the fact that you, my dear Ki'shan'dora, are the one responsible for everything that has happened regarding this matter. You need to be punished accordingly. I have taken the liberty of having your warehouse seized by the city guard, and it will be state property now, along with all of its' contents. All save for this artifact, which I had reported as missing and unable to be recovered. Your house, is now my property and I have filed a claim on it. Therefore it, and everything within it including all three of you are now mine. I say that for as a criminal family all three of you are going to be made slaves. Pleasure slaves, to be precise! And all three of you shall be my personal pleasure slaves going forward. This house will be under guard night and day, and you will never be able to escape. You will want for nothing, you will be treated well, but you will service me as I desire... as much as I desire, and in any way that I desire. Now, as slaves you three would normally have to have your heads shaved and be given appropriate attire for your status.”

   The middle daughter began to cry, the youngest gave me an evil look, and the oldest sighed and said nothing at all and was mostly expressionless. I then said unto them: “However, I will let you keep your hair, and your clothing... and what is more since I am a wealthy noble I intend to keep you in clothes, in perfume and jewelry and everything you could ever desire. You shall want for nothing, so long as you pledge your loyalty to me and only to me! First and foremost, even above the Matriarch herself. Are we in agreement? After all, this is better than the life you had in the broken home of your criminal father.” All three got on their knees on the floor, and pledged their fealty and loyalty to me, and me alone. I did smile after that, and said: “Excellent. Now, before we got down to your first duties as my... concubines, of sorts... let us see if that artifact is breakable.” I took the thing and smashed it unto the floor. It did not break, and so I unsheathed my sword and activated its' electric charge. Then, I brought it down upon the artifact with all my might. The globe shattered, and a burst of light suddenly filled the room. Not at all a blinding light, but more dull than that by a great deal. I felt a certain electric sensation flowing through my body, and the sisters all said they could feel the same sensation in their own bodies. Images of very alien and strange things ran through my mind, and I had visions the likes of which no words could ever hope to describe. The thee sisters did have them too, and when it was over the girls' eyes were totally blue with no white in them whatsoever... and they had the same subtle glow to their eyes that was just like the burst of light had been. My eyes glowed as well, the girls told me, and then the glow passed as all our eyes went back to normal once more. Whatever power the artifact had held, was now within the four of us. I sat down on the couch... and, bade the youngest sister to come and seat herself on my lap. Then, I kissed her passionately on the lips and caressed her soft hair. “Stefi...” I said to her, continuing by saying: “I believe I need your love right about now. I am feeling strange, after that.” She said unto me in a sweet and childlike voice well suited to her age: “Yes, my lord! I... I will please you in any way that you desire me to.” The middle daughter sat next to us, and she put her arm around me, saying in a soothing tone: “I too will please you, my lord! Name your desire, and I will grant it to you.” Whilst the eldest daughter removed all of her clothing and knelt on the floor before us, singing a strange song in an alien language that I had never heard before. One word was repeated all throughout it though... a very, very strange word. “Dis'kordiah”. All of this felt familiar to me, but I could not imagine from where. The youngest daughter began to stroke my manhood through my pantaloons, whilst the middle child nibbled my ear and whispered lusty promises to me. The eldest continued to sing, and chant. “King of Scarlet, King who is also Queen... God and Goddess of the domains of Chaos!” she intoned, when she broke back into our native tongue once again. I had a vision of myself clad in a scarlet gown, standing before a great multitude in a city on a desert planet somewhere. All three of these girls were at my side, were my servants, my brides, and there were others with us. Was this the past, or the future? This life, or a life past or yet to come after this one was over... whatever the source of the vision, I could not say. But it was powerful, and I knew that whatever these events I was seeing were... they were true. I was back in reality again, on the couch, with three beautiful sisters making me truly feel like a divinity. As the youngest child took the shaft of my manhood from out my pantaloons and undergarments following her undoing of the drawstring... I soon felt her moist lips around my shaft, and she did suck it whilst her hand stroked the length of it with a harlot's precision. Whoever these girls had once been, they had now been transformed by the artifact into something else altogether. They were the same still in body, but their very spirits, souls, and minds had been altered. I had feared, I would have to take the youngest in an unwilling fashion, but I was happy to see that they were all too willing to please me now. They did tell me their names once again during the course of our shared raptures... and the names they spoke to me were in an alien language, and were quite different from their actual names. It seemed that only I had retained my original self after the artifact had done its' work. Whatever the girls had witnessed, if it was anything like what I had seen... it had very clearly changed them inside. I was happy for the change.

   The next day, I met with Dala'ki at a restaurant we both liked in a good section of the city. We talked about how it was strange that people still needed to steal at all given that money in this era had become less important than it once had been, with many claiming that money was no longer an accurate and at all reliable way to judge a person's wealth or status by. Other things had value now, such as resources... and technologies... and evidently historical artifacts of great antiquity. She wore a long silky gown of a deep forest green color, and I was dressed casually for once in a soft, loose-fitting sleeveless scarlet red jumpsuit with wide baggy legs in what is on Earth today called the Harem style. I wore a silver chain necklace from which hung a triangular pendant with a tiny ruby set into an eye in the middle of it. It was a pleasant day... as pleasant as any day got on that heavily industrialized planet... and I sighed as I felt almost serenely peaceful. My companion said unto me in between us sipping our drinks: “I truly do think people only steal anymore because they like the challenge of seeing if they can get away with it. I would not risk it if I were them, though... not with you lurking around to punish them. So, Gislu... how are the thee little darlings doing, anyway? I hope you were not too rough with the youngest.” I said to her, in a calm and even tone: “They are doing well, and are happy actually. I told them the law, and of what their new roles were to be, and they accepted it with grace, dignity, and I daresay eagerness. I did not have to be rough with any of them in the least.” The off duty guard woman laughed, and said to me as her eyes sparkled in the light of the neon signs of the distract: “Really? I am honestly surprised, after all you told me about the eldest sister's involvement in that whole criminal scheme. She just... accepted, that she is now basically your property, to do with however it pleases you?” I said unto my companion: “You know how persuasive I can be, Dala... but this time, no persuasion was necessary. They were, all three of them, entirely willing. That is why I have decided to show them leniency, and am treating them less like slaves and more like minor members of the nobility under my care. I... love the youngest of the three especially... though I do not know why I love her so much, so deeply. She is different, from many other girls I have been with in the past, she is something truly special. All four of us, we just seem to be connected on some deep emotional and perhaps even spiritual level. I know of no other way to describe what is between us. It had something to do with the artifact, when I destroyed it. It did something to us, and in time perhaps I will understand what it did, what it all meant. But in the meantime, I take it as a kind of blessing, since I suspect it had something to do with the girls' strangely eager compliance.” As she head me explain all of that to her, the guard woman smiled knowingly and then said: “You always do get involved in the strangest of cases! I usually just get the boring things... traffic violations, littering and illegal drug smugglers in need of being caught. Sometimes domestic disputes and a plain old every day garden variety murder or two. And thefts of course, but rarely. This, has to be the first time I ended up involved in a case that from beginning to end made no sense or logic at all. I get the eldest sister had her motives, and I even understand what those motives were. You certainly laid it all out plainly... when you told me the details finally! After I had to basically pry it out  of you. But she did not have to do any of that at all... she could have sold the artifact legally at an auction or something. When I looked into it, the artifact had no record of any previous owners at all. It was like it was just there, in that warehouse, because it wanted to be. As a result, it was her legal property! She could have done with it whatever it was she wanted. Even weirder... it was almost as if, in some way, the artifact had even then as it sat in the young woman's care changed her thinking. Maybe even warped her perspective on life.” I then did have a very sudden realization, and I spoke of it to Dala'ki, saying: “Oh, my gods! You know what? It wanted to bring me and them together all along... the artifact, I mean. That was its' entire motivation... almost as if it was alive. Think about it, Dala! The only reason I and the three sisters ended up coming together, was because I was sent to investigate the crime that turned out to be that theft.” Dala'ki then smiled... and for a brief moment her eyes flashed a familiar dull bluish light. She said: “Maybe.” and then the light vanished, and she said unto me: “There are many secrets in this city, after all, my count.”
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
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