The island sits lone and sinister  
Surrounding wakes rock small passerbys  
No one aboard their boats glance  
For fear of what dwells wide and nigh  
The crashing of the waves  
The secrets of the trees  
Long screaming warnings  
Seep through the howling breeze  
But home sank in those vines  
Which wrapped around each limb  
Home was in the song that carried over the constant wind  
For Jezebel    
Responsible for the fall of every man  
Who claimed beauty and cunning  
Was reason for which they could not stand  
Jezebel loved color  
Would lace it through her hair  
Flowers from her meadow  
Complemented an icy stare  
Secluded she would sing  
Where envy and lust was naught  
Tending, nurturing, loving  
Then one day she was caught    
They would claim they were seduced  
Naked in all that nature  
Though they followed her for days  
And when they could  
They would take her  
The wives would spread the word  
For Jezebel has stolen another  
Who will she go for next?  
You, your father, your brother?  
The last night Jezebel flitted about forest skirts  
She packed and headed to leave but the women found her first  
It started with heckling and stones thrown at the hut  
But soon they grabbed her thick long hair and savagely cut  
Grabbed what was left on her head, bared teeth and pulled  
Ripping punching kicking lunging laughing a cry so cruel    
In their reverie    
Jezebel crawled out of the melee as it flared  
Into the darkness blinded by blood in her eyes and nares  
At the edge of the vastness of black    
A splash  
Her boat just feet away sent her in a dash  
The next morning she woke to her long planned destination  
An island that was cursed with no man to touch it's vegetation    
No man to look into naked eyes and find lie fallen  
No man to find what cannot thrive once it has been stolen    
No man to hear a song that steals the soul of his intention  
No man to sneak into a haven to bring tokens to mention  
No man...  
Though howling comes from the darkened    
Crawling brush  
Still some come with small boats seeking a fleeting rush  
Perhaps she's not as scary as the survivors say  
But that island is cursed  
The villagers just know to stay away.
Written by jenny_is_hungry
Author's Note
Demon Jezebels man, when will they leave our leaders and pastors alone so they stop doing evil shit? Man.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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