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One 1/10 Tenth

Who am I? Because I think I might be somebody else
Held hostage maybe, by bewitching, demonic spells
And who are you? Who is seemingly more than stuck
Being bound, upside down, on a butcher's, rusty hook

Here we are though and apparently, it's just you and me
And that somebody else, of course, making a total of three
We're all together, you're tethered, with our intentions plain
Maybe I am, non compos mentis, but he is one tenth sane

You're gargling in panic, as you hang by your ankles rope
As you lather with terror, you're seemingly, bereft of hope
If I could feel anything, it'd be insanity's choice to decide
As it feeds on the horror, that I see, as your eyes open wide

If I could, then I would, but somebody, will not let me stop
The insidious somebody insists, I eviscerate, siphon and lop
What can I do? But inflict on you, torturous, life ending pain
For I'm really nine tenths crazy, but he's only, one tenth sane

Sometime later...

My head is ringing, from the buzzing, of an electric saw
And I'm slipping and sliding, in a spill of entrails and gore
Whoever you were, I see you've been mercilessly assailed
Stuck on that rusty hook, upright, butchered and impaled

I'm not responsible, unless I have simply, misunderstood
Even though it's me, smeared, in somebody else's blood
If I am crazy, or possessed, then how can I be to blame?
For I'm a fraction short, of me, the one tenth that is sane
Written by Xaphan
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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