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Whatís Love Got To Do With It

What a man wickedly thinks is what he is, shall be, was, or to become
Is there a difference unto salvation as eyes, heart, and minds come to seek as one
Or in the guilt of ancient eyes, the reflective of scarred deprivation, time has not healed
The power of the flesh is a potent aphrodisiac the pleasure in the carnal spill  
The past is always the swollen intent of the futureís will
A man from the dust of Godís image, feeling the inadequate of life  
His relations within self, must be love, contentment, or the psyche will crash under mental strain  
Unto Earth the sadness of not being in equilibrium with self brings the deep pain, the blues, and then the meltdown in the rain  
You may hear me always say, live life, yes to the fullest until the last breath
You cannot run from taxes, and who rushes to death
Be bodacious, propel yourself, and just move
Find your intellectual vibe, and just slowly groove  
Be spiritual to your heart
Embrace others, thrive in the light and find your way out the dark
Life is about choices, decisions, consequences, and risks, each cast thy stones  
Your palms tell your story
Mine, royal in its ancient Hieroglyphic glory
Mortal Man, were you Ethiopian Simon of Cyrene in the Bible who helped Jesus carry his cross  
Or are you of the Masterís blood linage who hands upon slaves overboard were tossed
Is fire burning in your views of this world?
Blanket civilizationsí minds with pearls
I never indulge the ideology of the swine, not even in my carnal sublime
Holy feet, sacred scrolls, words I give you in and out time  
Humanity needs to bridge disparity  
Artificial Intelligence feeds us our technolgy needs
Elon Musk introduction into mainstream his full body operating robots
We are beyond Chat inkblot
Soar the masses' intellects to the moon and then advise us how to keep the world calm
Give us earthly refuge with words to reach, teach, as a soothing balm
In this day and time society needs to look up, nothing down there, but Hadesí chaos, and I do not like fire
Life is about, passion, rapture, and I am them all, oh, let me not forget carnal desires
Do you even have a deep spiritual story to me you can softly tell
I hear enough hypocriteís confessions from my profession and feel enough wickedness echoing from Hellís wishing well
I try my best to get willing humans including myself to that foretold promised land
And that is the beauty of it, and understood by woman and man
The look of illness, the feel of sickness, and last minutes goodbyes, before tubes are disconnected is where my heart roam
If I am naked, clothed, or if my knees are planted on a bed of sand, prayers unto you before your Guardian Angels leads you back into His divine home
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!

Audrey Hepburn

RIP Tina Turner
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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