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Fly Like An Eagle Too

Intellectual interactions that stretched miles                
Inventor in the mind, praises by the inventions of the hands                
Mileage by the success from the journey                
Social reform movements are shaping the face of reality                
A world of make believe, looking out to a world of cruelty, lies, betrayals, dreams, and disappointments                
Political hypocrites always want to play the act of being the virtuous, innocent       
The deeds of vile actions witnessed by open hearts, blind eyes, will always be devoid of being content          
Sorry is a tedious word that pity invented with no bipartisan intent          
Never underestimate those who you try to scar          
Karma is the fate that hammers in return real hard          
Young and naïve eyes who have seen the belief of ugliness                
Engaged in hearts of stones
Is anyone really noticing the bankers and Crypto Millionaires here and abroad have been getting assassinated look it up, as we are converting to plastic currency
The government’s rule of thumb is to control the masses and our livelihood to oversee
Will be become a prisoner of our own needs
Open your eyes, take care of self, family, and have an emergency plan of care
No soul should be wandering on the road, no hope, no shoes, and still must survive on polluted air
It’s a blessing to have pitied and have healed in the throes of sickness and in health    
Psalms soothing to rejected souls who have lost their path along their earthly journey by the way of low vibrations
The colors of my rainbow is found in the helping of my universal healing hands
The soothing rainfalls of my femininity to indulge positivity across the vast lands
Wisdom and knowledge is found in the heart, it is also a joyous sound and it does not come in scholastic measures its ingrained  by who is attuned with the winds natural’s sounds
Mother Earth, just shh… inhale, close your eyes, close your mind, exhale and meditate in the second of the moment, that is what is called the awakening
To catch the over spillage of my woes when my cup runneth over to hear the beautiful echoes of  
His voice when time is drained by man
Selective intellects refuse to follow, engage, or to entertain
Encased in the thistles of their own anguished pain  
How dare you ask for life, yet not embrace the afterlife of death
Ask for joy but refuse to believe in the coming of joy when dark storms have been met
No faith, no relief in sight  
The crossroads of your faith lingering to the dark, waiting for the light
Let not your winter of discontent be favorable with riches of silver and gold, the means of your worldly lessons, yet an empty plight
By the color of segregation in remembrance, glance around, and sigh in the struggles from how long we’ve come where faint voices upon the earth softly roamed
Unchained souls now rejoicing in the rebirth of enlightenment in a new spiritual home  
Society, we must find ways to atone  
Witnessing the injustice of Moorish lineage in twisted laws          
What is new under the Sun these ancient eyes have not seen or saw
Man has the code to annihilate existence                
And finally, the threat of the bomb gets the respect of the world, no matter what the state of any nation political agenda or his country's condition                
Is there an afterlife to believe in          
When the weight of whips, chains, gas chambers is our beautiful universal’s origin          
I sense He in the howling wind                
I hear Him in the roaring thunder              
I feel the displacement of life sadness of His wandering sheep in the pouring rain                
Can the Creator see the oath promised by the arched rainbows                
Yet, humanity cannot feel the faith in their weary hearts as blood in vein gives us the rite of passage to try as out life force continues to flow            
That mustard seed is shriveling so fast                
Its small to the naked eyes, and lessened to the mind to continue to believe                
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Tick Tock...

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