Record the Actions of the Police

The law on public photography and videography allows a person to shoot photos and videos in public settings.
Privacy does not exist in a public space, so people can record any event that takes place publicly.
When something happens before the eyes of the public, why should someone not photograph or video it?
A police officer cannot charge someone with invasion of privacy for taking pictures or recording videos in public.
The government of Jamaica wants to pass a law to make it illegal for a civilian to video the police when they are doing their jobs.
If this madness becomes law, it would be gross oppression and a disregard for the people of Jamaica.
All Jamaicans and visitors should be allowed to record the actions of the bad-minded, trigger-happy police in a public place.
Moreover, body cameras are for the protection of the police and civilians, therefore the police should use them.
The police are public servants, and therefore they should work with transparency and professionalism.
Every citizen of this country has the right to gather potential evidence against the wicked police.
Persons who want to do this should make sure they do not impede the work of the police and cause a confrontation.
Some unscrupulous police will try to intimidate those who photograph or video them on the job,
But the police do not have the right to seize a personís device or tell the person to delete the recorded contents.
The members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force do not have a reputation for speaking the truth.
Therefore, nobody should trust these lying and corrupt agents of the state at any time or in any situation.
Jamaica has a police force that is notorious for its physical and verbal abuse of innocent poor people.
The police in this country also murder innocent black people in cold blood and fabricate absurd reports.
The fact that the government is even attempting to make this law shows the evil intent of the political leaders.
The prime minister of this country seems to think that he is a god, but he is just a piece of human faeces.
That non compos mentis man has no clue how to run a country; he should go and shovel dung in a pigpen.
If the thin-skinned Jamaican prime minister had a conscience, he would pack his bags and go immediately.
The people of Jamaica would be insane to let that chinch remain in office in the next general election.
Written by PittinixDesigns
Published | Edited 17th May 2023
Author's Note
The great struggle against state oppression must continue.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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