Dogma of Depravity

Where do I fall on a scale of love to selfishness?
When it all comes down to this
The idol of our comforts and relative sense of happiness

In self preservations resolve of vain ambitions to impose
In a world in fear of offenses we can resize truth against the idol of a culture where anything goes

When approval is the key to the gradual decay of absolute morality
Reverence is traded with our values to play the game of justifying fallacy
As everyone conforms to the worlds personality

Call it love when security is number one
As social status becomes the pressure point of a loaded gun

Acceptance and rejection harmonizes in this twisted ebb and flow
Whether of the flesh or of the spirit weíll reap the harvest of every seed we sew

Holiness or unity to be set apart or to fall in line
Control freaks of dogmatic depravity
Running out the clock against the currents of time
Defy the defiance and resist the pull of gravity

Circling mountains in the valley of two extremes
When motives are for the benefit of self and love comes second to our dreams

Say youíll support the dead at whatever cause
When progress equates to a philosophy to romanticize our flaws
When no one makes the rules everyone makes the rules as gods of our own laws
Living for the love of self after the idol of applause

Cosmetics on hearts to conceal our values in silence so as not to provoke the censors
Deconstructing faith made subject to satisfy the devils we obey as mentors

Community the alpha endeavor for the love of life when breath is exalted to the throne
Financing the bid we place on air, set course to destination life on terms mistaken for our own

Conditioned by the convenience of the truth we leave unspoken
Hoarding answers beneath the radar as if itís best to let the broken remain broken

Self preservation the common ground of everyone made a fool
Whether after the shape of the carnal or the religious fear induced golden calf
Looking out for number one is the golden rule
Whether we live motivated by our sins, the fear of man, or subservient to the fear of wrath

No compassion can be authenticated that is skewed after the motive of what weíre doing for ourself
Whether weíre customizing deviant heavens on earth, or cooperating with the kingdom of man, or something else
Living anxiously afraid and faking love for fear of winding up in hell

Find the balance in all things
When weíre teetering on priorities of the will to simply just survive
We were not born to be the paperweights of money when living for the Kingdom of God is what it means to thrive

Love not your life when love is self sacrifice, well being is number two
When all is on the altar forsake your trust in manufactured havens, and forsake your faith in humanity, even that of which dwells in you

Cast out your god when the agenda is Hollywood marketing of counterfeit virtues of one in all
When the blood of the saints is watering death to become full grown after the pattern of the fall

Coexistence, sheath and dagger
False peace and pseudo tolerance intoxicating spiritual senses
You canít discern when your wine is bitter and fermented

Compromised judgements stagger
Left vulnerable after abandoning defenses
Scripts written to validate the twisted hopes of the demented

One world religion sold on the premise of a liars love to endorse
This antichrist indoctrinated harmony
Cancel cultures backed by persecutions force
Sick pleasures stockpiled in the armory

Pretending itís the will of God when those who love darkness attempt to fellowship with the light of truth
World peace is a naive pursuit in the hands of sinful men
When itís a never lasting endeavor for the flesh that will prove
War is in our nature in the end

Philosophy breaks down and disagrees
When damnation is at the core of all that disbelieves
Iíll speak the love youíll hate me for when Iím heretic in the eyes of the impenitent sinner
As time reveals more and more their arguments are wearing thinnerÖ
Written by ClovenTongue34
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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