Performing Monkey Dancers


War is the mechanism in which the control of the weak over the strong is replenished in perverted cycles. Progress is the drumbeat that leads to that... and money buys the titles. 

Fear is the method of our repeated enslavement, our dreams collapsed and caving.
Liberty is the unkept promise that kept the naive children from misbehaving. 

Freedom isn't a right granted by others, it is a carrot on a donkeys stick.
Keeping you on a path awash with blood which must be hard trodden till ill and sick. 

Love isn't an emotion, it is the synergy between the divine and the Eternal. 
Forgiveness for oneself can be unobtainable, when placed in our fragmented hearts inferno. 

Responsibility is annexed for their convenience, salvation was our property,we gave to them for doing so and to ensure our well-off poverty 

If money makes the world go round then perhaps the flat earth is a form of heaven? 
Our logic denies us our emotions, time runs out in days marked out for seven. 

 Birth is a seed alone and lifes a plant growing in its ELEMENTS. 
Death is the beginning of our eternal servitude, in God's foul glory sentence. 

Apathy is a warning that your soul is gathering evidence for the crimes inflicted upon spirit. 
To think there won't be a reckoning, is not an excuse for the ignorant and blinkered nihilist. 

To accept our survival with glad ignorance is really nothing MORE, than allowing a stranger to steal our food when we're STARVING, and reframe it, giving to the poor. 

Empathy is a luxury charity that for most is unobtainable. 
But most are made to feel bad for not having, one of life's expected unexplainables. 

Dispondancy is the depth your trinity will sink, weave and twist to be heard. 
In humiliations cruel catalysts, Depression is the egos word. 

Perspective is the limiting of the truth, knowing is The truth of testimony.
That's your identity provides as fact in situ in the facade of lifes evil ceremony. 

Instincts are not a path to follow but panicked, hurried responces.
That confused eternal beings have to mortality and by being ruled by wealthy nonces.

The female of  our species turn their beauty into aposematism.
An indirect responce to disconnected men consumed by porn, a tragic form of fatalism. 

Surrounded by the many, we're still alone and disconnected. 
The work within our souls lessons is far from being perfected. 

Completed work internal is a seeking to attach some meaning. 
If I didn't have that 9 to 5 I'd be a better human being. 

What can you do? The question is an expression of curtailed answers.  The status quo remains forever, upheld by us.... 

The performing monkey dancers.
Written by Auraofblack (James Burns)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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