Lost, Banished, and Obsessed

Banished to a land of silence, I am alone
Visions blinding my path, I cannot see
Images of my life flash before my eyes
As I wander endlessly, pointlessly
The scent of blood is stronger than any other
As I continue to wander to no end
At some point a bell began to toll
Itís sound filled the air like no other
Sound that I had ever heard in my life
I began to become obsessed with it
So I began to search for it, following the sound
As time goes on my sight steadily returns
To the world around me, my environment
And I find that the path that I walk
Is made of human bones and flesh
And on each side of this path I notice
Are occasional crosses covered with blood
But it doesnít bother me, I walk on
Obsessed with the toll of that bell
I begin to walk faster and faster
As the sound I seek gets stronger
Until Iím in a full on sprint desperate
To find where that sound comes from
For Iíve heard none in many years it seems
After being banished one night to this realm
I trip and fall onto the bone path
Strangely enough I feel no pain
Even though my head cracked on the ground
I realize Iíve been numb for years
I stand again atop the hill Iíd climbed
And look down and see the source
Of that toll Iíd been obsessing over
A chapel stood there at the end of the path
It was covered with carvings of godless intent
Yet strangely enough, it was not stained at all
With all of the gore surrounding me it stood
As white as the marble that made it up
Even the effigy of Christ was untouched
No nicks or cracks in it at all
Yet the door leading inside was rotted
Maggots crawling all over its wood
I look at its roof and see the bell
Being swung and tolling deafeningly
I wondered who was within this place
So I entered the chapel in my search
But when I entered I was surprised to find
That no one was within, only a coffin in the center
The black coffin was stained with gore
Yet itís door was slightly ajar
So I decided to look inwards of it
And I was shocked to find who was within
As I stared at my lifeless, rotting body

Owned by Dustin Smith: Bastardofbodom666
Written by bastardofbodom666 (Helvete Blod)
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