Limerick Collection 5

I will add to this in the coming days... I've promised to write a limerick for each person that donates to my latest charity fundraiser!                
My friend Tanya's a personal trainer.                
I'm not really sure who's the saner—                
she runs right to the limit                
(marathon! I just swim it!).                
The answer to that's a no-brainer!              
"It's just down the road!"              
Whenever we're facing life's trials,            
Carol turns worried faces to smiles.            
She says, "I'll pop down            
from my nearby home town—                
just a hundred and forty-six miles!"            
Her son went to school with my daughter            
and she's long been a loyal supporter            
when I've fundraised for schools—                
put on shows, set up stalls—                
and now splashing my way through the water!            
The Dream Team            
I'd like to invite Robert Nash            
to my house for a musical clash.            
He'd play his guitar            
and I'd borrow a sitar—            
can't play it, but I'll have a bash!          
Rage Against the Machine          
I have much in common with Clarky:          
we both challenge the whole hierarchy          
by being quite clever          
in every endeavour,          
and using words vulgar and sarky.          
Odd Socks        
My lovely friend named Mrs Fox          
has a fetching collection of socks.          
They're very eye-catching,          
although none are matching—          
they're from the lost property box!        
My mum's an incredible poet,        
although she does not seem to know it.        
She's such a good laugh,        
so on her behalf,        
I'll get out my trumpet and blow it!      
Living Legend      
Sue G has a thing about stickers,      
from googly eyes on bras and knickers      
to rectal use veg      
which her fans now allege      
got her banned by a bunch of nit-pickers!    
Mrs Preece, a well-known local teacher,    
flew away on a mystical creature!    
She went up so high,    
far away in the sky,    
that nobody's managed to reach her!  
Feeling cold  
It was cold, but my friend named Candice  
had offered to lend me her fleece.  
She said that up north  
they don't need them henceforth—  
the temperature's set to increase.
A change of scene
As a break from her teaching P.E.,
I told her we'd go out to sea.
"That sounds good!" said Lucy;
"We'll drink something juicy
and chill out with tunes by Debussy."

An accident waiting to happen
I met Mrs R. Saunders-Brown
last year in her faraway town.
I painting the ceiling
but it started peeling;
we laughed when it came falling down!
Written by Wafflenose (Ellie)
Published | Edited 10th May 2023
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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