Gift To Spit (#youcantrap)

Verse 1
Gift to spit - speech harnesses.
"Flip the script" - geek pharmacist.
Hit a spliff - weed tolerance.
Witness this - see holograms.
Rend these "ill" rhymes as "dope" - pills or poppy.
Emcees still kind of "joke" - Gilbert Gottfried.
Stanzas come, then double entendre.
Amateur - another one, common.
Scan the verse - hunger does wander.
Manic thirst - other such vodka.
I'm a formidable, mythical, literal criminal.
Mind sums invincible, digital, clinical syllables.
Size up original visuals, integral, pinnacle.
Try some cylindrical trigger tools, pivotal, critical.
Them guns "drawn", animate the page.
Get "dumped on" - cannons rain for days.
Releasing caps - silly slug rounds.
The "Eagles clap" - Philly touchdown.
"Unequal math" - nil becomes noun.
Conceiving that really dumbfounds.
I "got bars" like cellphone reception.
You "dropped call" like elbows in wrestling.
These pop stars, my fellow "connections?"
They "lost charge" like selfish intention.
Emcees too "blown brains" to show proof.
When he could "gnome Saiyan", it's Goku.
Lend frees - the "flow's game", Sudoku.
Bread, beef, the whole plate - get "focal."
Bent, "lean" like bows shape, and "zone zoom."
Thresh wheat and sew grains of hope through.
Verse 2
Synaptic mechanics, in fathomed dynamics, emphatic with answers, enacted the glances.
Imagined awareness, exacted semantics, attracted schematics, adapted enhancement.
Clashing dendrites and axons.
Add a bent-light contraption.
Active enzymes, reactions.
Captured sense - I can manage.
Off the top of my dome.
Dropping hot is disposed.
Hard as rock when I flow.
Lava locks into stone.
Psychonaut cycle blot.
Syphoned rot, blight ergot.
Might've dropped microdots.
Right, I got twice the shock.

My style "rank" like military order.
Your style "tank" like filling Navy toilets.
Fad sank - congrats, man.
Vast crap that casts clans.
Traps, masks, and facts lack.
Waxed max, I'm past apt.
Cash that, and spaz raps.
Phat stacks in bagged mass.
Cats wack like flashbacks.
Hazmat - the gats clap.
Slap, slap, and that's that.
Crack tracks like bad backs.
Smack, dabs, and craft crash.
Hash ash has had hacks.
Daft macks get laughed at.
At last, it's ASVAP.
Maps track like mapped tracks.
Hashtag #youcan'trap.
Written by Connotation (Metaphorical Disposition)
Published | Edited 10th May 2023
Author's Note
This is just a little hip hop influenced lyricism practice.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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