Duck, Duck, Goose (The Return of Fancy Duck)

Walternate Universe – FOWL-420

A quack echoed across the giant bushes, plants and shrubbery
I thought I had shrunken myself when I landed on this universe
When lo and behold a white duck that was almost ten feet tall
Came a stomping through and I thought “my situation got worse”

Upon seeing me the duck started rushing after me, quackly, no, quickly
Compared to his humongous stature I must have looked like a runt
With a modeled waddle he was quacking, squawking and screeching
I regretted all those years back in the day when I played duck hunt

And for some reason the braces wouldn’t function at this junction
Meanwhile I could hear the duck getting closer and closer behind me
I came upon a clearing where there just happened to be a pond
Where giant mallards gathered and all I said was “Whoops, don’t mind me”

Next thing I know I was surrounded by all kind of fowl out on the prowl
Ducks, geese and swans were swimming and walking along on that pond
“Is this the end of Wally? I said out loud “Oh my, what a weird way to die”
Then one said “he speaks Duckeese!” my jaw dropped, I didn’t know how to respond

“Stranger, how the duck do you speak Duckeese? And do you come in peace?”
I replied “Yes, and I mean you no harm I’m just lost in this marvelous place”
“Answer the question” a gold chain wearing goose said “and don’t be obtuse”
“I speak the same language at home” I replied bowing and added “your grace”

The goose wearing the gold chains shook his wing and began to explain
“You don’t have to do any of that here in this world, we’re all the same
But your presence here does cause us some concern so we must learn
How you came to be here so be clear, just don’t think we’re birdbrained”

I told them tales of humans and of the traveling across parallel universes
They quacked, er quaked at the thought that the possibilities could be so offbeat
“…I’m in search of a world that’s causing these disturbances” I ended my speech
When an old swan with a baton said “there’s someone here you should meet”

We walked through the grass fields and then into a forest with giant trees
I saw a brook straight out of a story book surrounded by a mossy floor
And there sat a giant duck looking at the water, pondering, wondering
Then I recognized that quaff, that bouffant, that feathery-do, that pompadour!

“It’s really you” I said “oh my gawd, it’s really you” I repeated over and over again
He looked at me like he recognized me but it was really me who was super nervous
“Why do I feel like I know you” he said sounding stoic touching his bill with his wing
“I’m a fan of yours” I said and he replied “Sir Duke Billingsworth, at your service”

“I ran into your alternate in my world, in a pond, at a farm, near my home” I said
“Yes, you look familiar” Sir Duke said “I thought I’ve seen you in my dreams”
We walked for a while talking about our worlds and why I was there for a day
“Ponder the thought” he said as we wet our feet in the tiny little streams

“Indeed, you must go back and find the source of these troubles” Sir Duke said
“Please go in peace and if you’re ever back at the farm please do come visit me”
“I will” I said feeling happy knowing that I had made a new friend when he said
“Just one thing, when you feed our kind with bread, make sure it’s gluten free”

Sunlight hit the braces automatically recharging them to one hundred percent
“Take care my friend” Sir Duke Billingsworth sang along like it was a song
“Thank you” I said as a new portal opened and I said goodbye to a new friend
When I stepped on the other side, it was a dojo, and I swear I heard a gong…

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Written by wallyroo92
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I mean it is 420
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