The Dissident

Walternate Universe  - FS44

With my wife soundly asleep in bed
I got dressed so that I would ready at 11:11pm
This time I was more mentally prepared
When the blue portal opened up again

My handler, TOTO gave me a quick briefing
I was a lead architect in the plans of a giant structure
But there was a small flaw in the overall design
That within a year at its full capacity would rupture

“Why doesn’t my alternate self advise against it” I asked
“He has” TOTO replied, “but it’ll cost billions
So even though they told you to fix it or find a way
You’ve tried but it may cost the lives of millions”

“But why doesn’t...” I tried to say but OTTO replied
“Your alternate self does not like confrontation
And here his career also employs thousands of others
But this is a disaster in the works, a complete devastation”

When I stepped through I arrived at my alternate’s office
It was still dark outside but the sun was beginning to rise
I looked at all the design plans though I had no understanding
But I knew I had to make a drastic choice before anyone dies

Later I saw a man in a suit walking toward a big office
I recognized him form the briefing, he was the boss
He saw me as I toiled away at my alternate’s computer
He called me into his office but he sounded so cross

However I ignored him and kept working at the workstation
Until ten minutes later he came to me and sat in a chair
He sat there for a minute studying my features
I could feel he was giving me a threatening glare

“What are you doing here so early” he asked in a gruff voice
I said “I need to talk to you about these design flaws”
“How many times have I told you, no” he replied angrily
Knowing lives were at stake I stood up for a cause

“I removed all files regarding the project from the network
And placed them in a zip drive to send out as evidence
So if you don’t do right and change the design to what I said
Then I will sue you and this company for gross negligence”

“You’re a coward” he said, “you are not going to do anything”
“Listen prick” I replied, “it’s totally different this time
You backed me into a corner but now I have a full arsenal
So if no is your final answer then watch me expose this crime”

I smiled and faced the monitor then hit the send button
I alerted the news, the mayor, the governor even the president
I averted a tragedy and became a whistleblower
And all the documents were signed as “the dissident”

The glove now which had a sleeker design like a wrist brace
Began flickering a light, so I said “Bitch I am out of here”
As he peeked to see that I wasn’t bluffing he began to curse
But I went into the hallway opened the portal and disappeared
Written by wallyroo92
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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