Typical of the Daily Mail - the worst kind of forelock triggers!

By Stanley Collymore

The Daily Mail is an absolute
joke; but thatís really hardly
surprising or any startling
news revelation as it has basically
always been a repulsively, odious
compilation of clearly, subjective
obeisance not only to the British
monarchy, but undoubtedly also
very effectively every right wing
and Nazi obeisance. Years ago,
as those that are without short
or rather convenient memories
will very unimpeded recall that
this said rag was really openly
branding Camilla, as evidently
the biggest pariah possibly, in
contemporary, British history!

Yet now and actually without
any change on her part and
similarly also having used
her evidently innately, quite basically
instinctive, and utterly self-servingly
controlling wiles to quite massively
improve her own, societal position,
that was self-evidently, to anybody
with a functioning brain and firmly
knew how to positively use it was
always actually something which
Camilla so evidently, obsessively
always wanted and has crucially †
now subsequently attained; has
clearly, and quite unsurprisingly
to me; but apparently, not so, in
the eyes, of this said Daily Mail
rag and its clearly intellectually
challenged hacks, significantly
and prominently exponentially
undergone not only a blessed
and stylish transformation but
similarly, and most absolutely
so has likewise, now become
the unchallengeable epitome
of unqualified, sophistication.

Personally, I donít give a toss
about Camilla, Charles and
the rest of them, and also
most certainly, neither really dislike
nor approve of them individually or
collectively, but distinctly and very
categorically so wonít change any
opinion which I evidently sensibly
have arrived at rather specifically
relating to them based entirely or
even rather partially on anything
that the Daily Mail and its hacks
effervescently wish to spew out,
fawningly about their monarchy.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
30 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Hereís the Daily Mail the epitome it believes itself to be of 21st Century British ďmoralsĒ complimenting Camilla Parker Bowles on her outfit made by the same designer that Diana Spencer used; similarly the very woman who Camilla betrayed; whose husband, Charles she routinely and adulterously slept with and took from Diana; and whose life, Dianaís of course, that Camilla made into an absolute misery!

As for the Daily Mailís intellectually challenged hacks whose piss-poor knowledge of, and likewise awful utilization of the English Language which most asininely and very ridiculously they like to elaborately claim as their very own; leave them to it! As trying to reform them is as utterly pointless a task as trying to persuade, and hoping in that process to likewise convince an inured paedophile, that his or her behaviour overall and especially towards children is innately, morally and legally wrong.
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