The Mounties have nothing on Kate Middleton when it comes to getting their man!

By Stanley Collymore  
It was Isabella Calthorpe that  
William was really after and  
actually, truly interested in  
but when she sensibly refused his  
proposals of marriage: Will’s very  
own bisexuality and similarly too  
the Windsor family's, undeniably  
and evidently, rather well-known  
of, entrenched, dysfunctionality;  
at the behest and clearly active  
encouragement, of his gran Liz  
William, once more, effectively  
rather obligingly took up again  
with Kate his recurrent stalker,  
who he’d so unceremoniously,  
dumped; essentially, because  
Kate, Liz argued successfully,  
in her favour, would be rather  
good for the monarchy since  
as the quite obsessed social  
climber that distinctively she  
simply manifestly is and has  
always been, she would very  
similarly, be excellent as the  
Stepford wife and mother in  
apt relation also naturally to  
their monarchical Windsors.  
All based on the rather sick  
mindset that the monarchy  
and one’s duty to it, always  
come before anything else  
including love; that frankly,  
with the Windsors, literally  
rather rarely, ever matters!
The Middleton women on the  
other hand, and distinctively  
for their part, were brought  
up by their mother Carole to chase  
big money; and, preferably, in their
quest a title too. And very alas for  
William, he now permanently has  
to live with the clearly, irrefutable  
fact that his wife Kate Middleton  
would never, have looked at him,  
in the first place, if for argument  
sake he was himself one or else  
in reality, been a postman’s son!  
Not so easy actually to live with  
once you're married to this type  
of woman I guess but evidently  
duty to the monarchy, as I have  
said is quite compulsory inside  
this Windsor family. And, weak  
William will most obligingly do  
anything whatsoever, that that  
Mafia family, demands of him.  
Kate, for her part, will similarly  
do everything which she and  
her mother advantageously  
think fit to retain Kate's lofty position;  
so basically, these two rather puerile  
clowns, Kate Middleton and William  
Windsor, most cynically on my part,  
distinctively do deserve each other.  
So please Daily Mail do cease your  
shit of you so ludicrously spinning  
this rather convenient relationship  
between these two, and obviously  
with William’s rather known about  
established adultery, as the super  
love story, which evidently it isn’t!  
And moreover, no reputable man,
and I personally and likewise too  
most categorically, distinctly rule  
William rather naturally so out of  
being even minutely vaguely any  
such relevant person, effectively  
respects any woman who rather  
desperately and quite unseemly,  
openly stalks and basically runs  
after him unstoppably, for some  
10 years; even if those very dire
circumstances, and consolingly  
somewhat his infernal stupidity  
did rather conjointly determine,  
that his pursuer, eventually like  
Mounties literally got her man!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
27 March 2023.  
Author's Remarks:
Anyone who is reasonably familiar with the Daily mail rag and its hacks will instinctively know that they’re classic proponents of lying, dishonesty, dissembling disingenuousness, hyperbolic fabrication, egregious distortion of facts, hate instigation, obsolescent classism and inured sycophancy particularly when it comes to the British monarchy. And those essentially are the Daily Mail’s good points along with its piss poor comprehension and expression of the English language. So to actually contemplate doing so, let alone actually believe that the “relationship” contrived - and for what it’s actually worth – between Kate Middleton and William Windsor is the “love match” of the 21st Century and thus the epitome of what genuine lovers should earnestly emulate and strive to achieve is not only a travesty of common sense but similarly too the absolute embodiment of purblind lunacy.  
That said, the Daily Mail, its nefarious hacks in tandem with its easily manipulated trolls, along with anyone else for that matter are perfectly at liberty to feel, using the conduits of freedom of expression and free speech – which these said individuals only believe in when the views expressed are identical to their own – to believe whatever they want to. However, no one in their right mind and fully cognizant of the obsessively contrived antics of Waity Katie and her overly social climbing mother Cariole Middleton will give such ludicrous notions any genuine recognition.
The entire Saxe-Coburg-Gotha- Mountbatten-Windsor family is replete with endemic, licentious adultery, inured fornication, multiple bastard offspring with no needed, pressing or otherwise, to openly acknowledge them as such because the cuckolded husbands of these whoring wives automatically and most happily in classism obsessed Britain are knowingly expected to “father” these bastard offspring and invariably do, eh William?  
As for incestuous liaisons and even marriages Philip Mountbatten and Elizabeth Windsor for example were 2nd cousins, and Mountbatten himself along with the other principal members of that family wanted Charles to marry Mountbatten’s – who was Charles’ own great uncle – granddaughter. The young lady in question, however, had more sense than the lot of her family members combined and resolutely refused to go along with their scheme; and besides Camilla already had her fangs deeply into Charlie boy!  
Frankly, the British monarchy like all the other ones across Europe and to whom they’re intimately biologically related, is a self-serving, distinctively self-entitled, utterly corrupt and a most egregiously avaricious corporation with no morals or any communally motivated ethics whatsoever; a veritably outmoded monopolistic family concern – hence the term “firm” that is proudly but highly indifferent to the real needs of others, and most particularly so their perceived “subjects”, that the British monarchy use to describe itself, while uncaringly carrying on with their most barbaric of Middle Ages mind-set dogma instinctively enshrined in everything that they do, while both callously and disingenuously using their highly paid and likeminded PR gurus to continuously con the surfeit of braindead lowlifes that ongoingly and quite evidently also, are discernibly, increasingly infesting Britain.
Therefore, will Kate and William’s cynically contrived marriage survive? I really don’t care; other than as someone who is both enforcedly British born and a longstanding British taxpayer to boot and whose ancestral homeland Barbados significantly for 400 years transformed what previously was a nonentity and insignificant offshore European entity vaguely known as Britain – in was in Barbados that the Transatlantic Slave Trade was started and blossomed exponentially there – into the global empire it became; distinctly on my part object in the 21st century at still having to finance, as my ancestors involuntarily did for centuries, this ongoing, useless compilation of people who are at best a ludicrously odious mafia outfit existing in the 21st Century; and on top of all that having to endure my intelligence being scandalously insulted by claims coming from the likes of the Daily Mail rag that Kate Middleton and William Windsor are the epitome of what modern and committed love should be. In bastardy infested and decreasing significantly so non-marital Britain perhaps but nowhere else that I can think of or which readily comes to mind!
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