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Monsters Among Us

The monocrats, with their addled, wired minds, are out of sync
With any rationality, now we are corpus vile and unable to think
But the superpowers, antichrists, have always been, man made
By the fawning inciters and sycophants; as you wish, they bade
No intelligent life, would be coerced to pray, to unverifiable gods
Or empower, insane misanthropes, with one eye blind and nods
Controlled by ideology, nothing changes, so we are, condemned
To be on the brink, of extinction, from their eschaton, to the end
There are many monsters among us, who need more than most
Who will, happily, slaughter everyone of us, then gloat and boast
The narcissistic maniacs, if unencumbered, will intolerably reign
With the pious self-righteousness, of their subjugation and pain
Time has ticked away, we seemingly, cannot right their wrongs
And so we'll patiently wait, until they drop, their nuclear bombs
Hope was always forlorn, when they made us, hate each other
It was kill, or be killed, but only the despots, have fortified cover
The tyrannical want to conquer, for they have hearts of granite
And they'll oppress, all of humanity, as they destroy the planet
For their insanity is endlessly, mesmerizing, like a magic spell
And when there're no gods, or heaven, then we're left with hell
The deranged mass murderers, will eternally, preach their hate
But they exist, so myriad gods, cannot, there can be no debate
For they're the creators and annihilators, their missiles, a choir
They're the vile monsters among us, with perdition, their desire
Written by Xaphan
Published | Edited 26th Mar 2023
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