Iíll Never Forget You

We had our good times,
We had our bad times.
We were two imperfect people that found each other at an imperfect moment.
When we first met we were two geeky teenagers that bonded over poetry and soon became best friends.
Even when we both went our separate ways;
You went off to college at nineteen and me at seventeen I had already graduated from high school and was in love with my first love till after a year we split up and I been through a few dead end relationships that werenít exactly all that till we started to talk again and next thing you know who wouldíve predicted that the two of us fell in love so fast and so easily.
It almost felt like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel in the beginning as we were both so happy and crazy in love,  
at that time it felt like you were the only one for me.
Iíll never forget about the times you always kept me on my toes with the things you said,  
I wonít ever forget about the times weíd stay up talking on the phone at night till dawn nor could I forget for a moment about the plans we made like when you promised me youíd one day give me a house that we could live in together or have a family with five kids and a dog all in one;
But suddenly you changed, you grew so distant.
Was it because of my looks?
Was it because I wasnít good enough? or was it because I could never ever compete with your last ex? these were the questions I always asked myself.
I sometimes sit and wonder if you ever really loved me like how I loved you as my pain in my heart still runs deep for I could never forgive how you treated me so disrespectfully;
You know I wouldíve ride for you and died for you, but sadly I doubt youíd ever do the same.
If youíd kill someone else itíd probably be for your own selfish gain.
A true sociopath that I hated yet sadly loved Ďcause I wanted to be the Harley Quinn to your Joker as I knew I was your partner in crime no matter what the penalty was Iíd ride till the wheels fell off and crash like Thelma and Louise.
You know we couldíve had something really special, but instead you showed your ass and gave me another side of you I didnít need to see.
Iím no longer frustrated,
Iím no longer angry with what you did to me.
I forgive you,
I forgive you for all the hell you put me through.
Regardless of what you did to me I will always love you and wish you the best and hope you are blessed and thank you for all the good things you at least did for me in the beginning.
Thank you for loving me and thank you for being in my life when I needed you,
Iíll always love you never forget that;
Iíll never forget the moments we had together,
Iíll never ever take for granted the times you actually made me happy,
I will never forget about the times you made me feel like I wasnít alone,
I wonít ever forget about the moments when you made me feel safe even during when I feel like Iím not at home.
Know that no matter where you go or whatever you do Iíll never ever forget you.
Written by MsRockyJackson
Published | Edited 29th Mar 2023
Author's Note
Hi Iím sorry Iíve been away for awhile Iíve been going through a lot lately mentally and emotionally and a bunch of other personal life issues that unfortunately has been taking up my time away from here. Anyways so I hope you enjoy this Ďheartbreak letterí type poem I wrote let me know what you think about it - Ms Jackson
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