The spawns of Ukraine's Nazi Waffen SS scum now Britain and Daily Mail's closest chums!

By Stanley Collymore

For those of you evidently
keen for this war twix the
Westís clear sugar daddy
puppet Zelensky and the Russian
Federation essentially headed by
President Vladimir Putin to carry
on indefinitely, then kindly, make
your way to the Ukraine, forcibly
push yourselves to the frontline
and essentially bravely fight for
your rather naturally delusional
hero and the Westís effectively
clearly risible, financial puppet
against Russia Saint Zelensky
that ardent Nazi, and similarly
in actuality too an egregiously
malevolent conman. Either do
that, or else firmly keep those
ignorant traps of yours tightly
shut you so gutless cowards! †

For basically youíre effectively
nothing more than armchair
warriors with your asinine
PlayStation joysticks firmly in your
hands while idiotically supporting
Zelenskyís western contrived war
against Russia and clearly those
Ukrainians who are undoubtedly
of Russian origin and effectively
self-evidently, donít support him
and very distinctively want their
independence. And if rationally,
in spite of all that you cowards
were simply a mere fraction of
the moralistic champions who
you persistently vaingloriously
and distinctly rather lyingly do
profess to be then undeniably
you would obviously be in the
Ukraine like a shot, so bravely
confronting what very gullibly
you have been conditioned to
so disastrously, irresponsibly,
quite unthinkingly, but clearly
manifestly led to believe and
decidedly as a consequence,
confronting those perceived:
odious, and evilly barbarians,
who in your sick and twisted
minds, you very undoubtedly
consider the Russians to be! †

So come on then, you most
fearless and evidently so
brave Daily Mail, Brits!
Get yourselves off promptly to the
Ukraine, and there do your helpful
bit; showing us, woke folk, as you
likewise vehemently and toxically
castigate us aptly how wrong we
really are, and simply how things
must be done! As essentially we
Woke Folk, to put it quite bluntly,
shall quite gratefully and fingers
likewise firmly crossed be in the
full hope, youíll be forever gone!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
23 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Regrettably we wonít see any such exodus from Britain to the Ukraine by any of these repulsive British charlatans; so brave in effect that even when it comes to the United Kingdom they literally love nothing better than earnestly defending this monarichal realm; doing so as always very vociferously, defiantly and always uncompromisingly; but likewise irrefutably always to the last drop of someone elseís blood but rather dishonestly never their own.

And how ironic Britain whose pathetic ass was saved on the Eastern Front during World War II by the Russians now castigating Russia and incredibly defending these said Ukrainians who parents and grandparents were significant elements of the Third Reichís campaign against Britain, with the Ukrainians distinctively having their own ruthless branches of the barbarous Waffen SS Brigades. But didnít the Daily Mail avidly support Nazi Germany until the war drastically changed against the Axis Forces and as is customarily the case with the Daily Mail it self-servingly, but only ostentatiously as itís still in 2023 a Nazi outfit, then clambered aboard the western bandwagon? Donít take my word for it, go check it out for yourselves.
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