Deflecting attention from our awful Tory regime as usual, eh Daily Mail?

By Stanley Collymore
You should simply be quite  
delighted Daily Mail with  
what the Metropolitan  
Police has become and what you  
and your rightwing sort basically  
generally, truly always wanted it  
to be; effectively in your literally  
jaundiced and evidently clearly  
endemically racist eyes, being  
distinctively non-woke! For as  
this scathing report distinctly  
shows the Met Police clearly  
are most crucially, the direct  
opposite, very essentially of  
everything which your quite  
firmly embedded, rightwing  
and Daily Mail organization  
well aided by its controlled
clickbait regulars, routinely  
and rather scathingly label  
as “woke” and distinctively  
so, as you always wanted  
the Met Police to be Daily  
Mail! Or could it generally
realistically be, that really  
your own clearly diehard  
bigots, ensconced at the  
Daily Mail, who aren't, in  
the least, dissimilar from  
your usual, intellectually  
challenged clickbait and  
actually, puerile moronic  
followers are essentially  
yet to really understand  
the irrefutably authentic  
full and equally genuine  
implications of that very  
non-woke society quite  
openly and distinctively  
earnestly wished for by  
imbeciles, just like you.
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
21 March 2023.
Author's Remarks:
The police forces of the UK and not just those of the Metropolitan Police Force are a natural reflection of the sick society that Britain has cheerfully, it seems, become. One without morals, no shame - cue the Windsors liberally attendant with those who similarly comprise the so-called highest echelons of British society – and self-evidently to anyone with a functioning brain, is fully au fait at using it and very cognizant of these people’s behaviour, no concept of personal responsibility for bad behaviour or their own deceptive and egregious actions.
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