Floreat Etona! Who but your arrogant, pecuniary selves Eton could have been this self-servingly blunt?

By Stanley Collymore †

Money is the root of all evil
itís readily acknowledged
and, with help of Satan:
the master craftsman of evil and
pecuniary greed you sure as hell
have successfully, made it Eton!
Personally I naturally donít think
that any, perspective applicants
to Eton College, need to answer
your published questions, Daily
Mail seeing they simply require
essentially to just have parents
or guardians with huge wallets
and discernibly their own trust
funds to get into Eton, actually †
because, all educational merit
and intellectual ability are just
brazenly propaganda facades
where this institution actually
is concerned and reality donít
count or actually matter. And,
if one effectively really needs
an irrefutable indication truly
of this, just take a close look
then, at the quite intellectual
paucity of all the undeniably
so Eton educated Tory MPs,
their Government ministers;
and, significantly so, recent †
British Prime Ministers - so
notoriously on that hapless
list David Cameron and too
predictably, Boris Johnson.

All this attendant with the very
offensive to those who can
think for themselves and
actually do, overly proselytizing,
outright lying, coupled with this
blatant deceptive exaggeration
of Etonís very often trumpeted,
so supposedly unquestionable
and really, infallible superiority,
actually over all the secondary
active educational institutions
not just in England but equally
too, literally the entirety of the
United Kingdom. A construed
delusion, as characteristically
attached to this indefatigable
intention to retain this clearly †
fantasy state of their own, as
is aptly assisted, in this quite
brazenly scurrilous fiction by
not truly objectively and also
fairly subjected, to genuinely
impartial scrutiny but simply
clearly relying heavily on the
bigoted, and quite obviously
subjective plaudits from the
UKís evidently quite wealthy
and basically too, privileged
themselves quite hierarchal
and also unprincipled elites.

While in addition to this the
rather evidently cronyism
and nepotism installed,
and most effectively, crucially so to
this decision quite unfit for purpose
quangos like Ofsted: whose official
task - a snow flake in hell's chance
of that ever happening in Classism
entrenched Britain - is to evidently,
routinely impartially, and generally
professionally monitor, secondary
education in Britain, has basically
instead, so egregiously, callously,
and quite intentionally, pecuniary
so most manifestly, undoubtedly
self-servingly turned their gongs
and titles awaiting, blind eyes to
what most horrendously, clearly
pathetically and even criminally
is essentially, actually going on.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
In normal circumstances as my regular readers know I do write my remarks at the end of each respective work Iíve embarked on and produced, and would have done so with this poem as well but chose not to. However, my intensive research, past, present and ongoing, as well as my full knowledge of the UKís educational and academic system being previously a part of both before I voluntarily and most pleasurably quit; intellectually and happily in the process escaping to Germany in 1980 to carry on my academic career there, well aware that the UKís educational system, and most especially so throughout England was then, as it still is, quite unfit for purpose. So I realized that my remarks †on this Eton poem would unintentionally on my part become with the amount of information I have in my possession very much like a dissertation, and so I decided to give it the thumbs down. Basically so, because my evidently, intellectually acumen blessed readers would know what a dissertation is and I didnít want to appear patronizing to them, while on the other hand the intellectually challenged lowlife of all classes across the UK, as well as their kin in the genocidally acquired and now absolutely controlled by them countries like delusional Terra nullius Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America and who toxically as well infest these places, I similarly didnít want to waste my time explaining this surfeit of haters, racists and right-wingers, hard-pressed on being able to spell dissertation would undoubtedly have had far more difficulty ascertaining what a dissertation actually was. So I thoroughly dropped the idea of including my normal ďAuthorís RemarksĒ segment.

Anyway, as they say, in the Kingdom of the Blind the one-eyed person stands an excellent chance of being monarch; and Eton, their likeminded, pecuniary private school ilk and the so-called Oxbridge set up that readily facilitates them are conjointly that one-eyed person.

Since, just like the metropolitan Police, Eton et al, and likewise Oxbridge have succumbed to a typical scenario where incompetency at the top and over many years have literally destroyed them; as itís not what you sensibly, objectively and intelligently know but most essentially and very exclusively who you know now. Hence all the parents and guardians with their huge wallets and their trust fund sprogs that effectively gets you to the top!

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