Death of a Saint

I stopped in a forest for rest
A short respite from my taxing test
Tapestry of fate, my stitching is stressed
Braving foul foes amidst my glorious quest

Battered blades clash in exuberant dueling
The sound of steel sings, increasingly fueling
He is one with his sword, ultimate and ruling
The battle is his, and his efforts oh so grueling

His opponent lay dead, yet his honor he shan't taint
The noble knight met his fate, at the hands of "The Sword Saint"
His intentions are clear, the Saint's integrity is no feint
By many he is revered, to some he is quaint

Of his vanquished foe, the Sword Saint took great care
In death, he laid him down, his spirit to spare
With reverence and solemnity, he knelt in prayer
A fallen warrior, now free from his mortal snare

The Sword Saint's heart was heavy as he turned away
The battle was won, but at a great cost, he'd say
For every life lost, a price must be paid
In honor of the fallen, his sword was laid

Such is the tale of the mighty Sword Saint
A warrior, skilled and true, without complaint
He fought with honor, and in victory or defeat
His integrity and courage, none will ever beat

My life I had given to the blade
As the sands of time fall, my spirit will fade
And so I remember that day, in the glade
The life leaving his eyes changed me, no longer a Saint, a mortal man was made
Written by ConsequentialChaos
Author's Note
My sister(Sapphirewolf) and I were having a friendly game of poetry themes. We each gave each other a topic or setting, to which I was given a forest as a setting. It was a fun game and this is the inspired work I have created.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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