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Militat Omnis Amans (Love as Warfare)

I canít help but wonder what it would be like †
to tie you down and beat you bloody † †
to release my every emotion into your body † †
with bruises and breaks branding the story † †
of my pain into you like macabre art † †
while I sing an off-key ode to the fallacy of love †  
each splatter of blood colouring the walls † †
a remembrance to every ďI love youĒ † †
that was uttered from your beautiful † †
traitorous lips, lies hidden in the sadness †  
of your eyes, like oceans of a forgotten forever. † †
† †
Rage, the venom coursing through my veins † †
keeping me alive, and here, possessed by you † †
as you crawl beneath my skin, leaving me infected †  
and searching for a cure in violent fascinations †  
to shed you from inside me, like the parasite † †
I wish you were, though youíve always been an angel † †
shrouded by darkness and secrets. Beautiful, alluring † †
secrets, that I just wanted to reach out and touch † †
if only for a moment, so that I might taste † †
with my fingers, the broken perfection of your mind †  
and the soul you refused to show me, out of cowardice. † †
† †
Take the pretty words and shred them to nothing † †
take everything I am, and shred me to nothing † †
so that I might find some peace here amongst † †
the imaginary pieces of you, debris of a lover scorned. † †
And Iíve never been so inclined to torture, then now †  
discarded like the trash I always feared I was, while † †
you said I wasnít. †And I can remember everything † †
treasured like snowflakes frozen in glass, though † †
upon closer inspection, they are no more than insects †  
encased in sun-bleached amber, still screaming † †
their last death. So follow me one more time, my love †  
† †
And I promise to remember your screams, as I beat you † †
like a demon possessed by obsession in the vein of love. †  
Remember when we said forever? Iíll hold you to your promises †  
and youíll be mine forever, in love and hate and unspoken secrets †  
because if I canít have you, no one can.  †  
† †
© Indie Adams 2012
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 14th Oct 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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