Fauna/a story

When world was yet not made, mayhap purpose was lost to be found in simplicities where bonfire spoke. Talking sticks were handed. Stones spoke their wisdom as did raindrops fall kinder softer milder. Once upon a time.
Where to begin aligned in dusk our reptilian brain awake aware.

In the floral gardens of Persia cosmic Queen lived. These lands were captured in third dimension though partly in fifth and sixth dimension. It was an inheritance from her great grandfather. The fundaments were far greater than lands, a small chapel and Mesopotamian castle were merely part of its large surroundings. Mosaics with engraved ruby shone against saphire enlarging etherical shadows. Many a history was saved from these sites, some written and rewritten centuries ago when dynasties came and Cyrus was eventually made into Sirius beheld in his light some people still believed the great king Cyrus wandered somewhere.

Sentient scents clung infused to each imprint. She was raised here perhaps even born here.
Great grandmother Gryh as everyone called her was the Abdess steering elder of the Dragonand Dragon Folk
would sit at her throne raising her drinking horn to new siblings who were left to her care. Her voice still rung melodies
 "It is of no matter , birth is only a vessel, we who are robed , mantled in dragon essence are born from only most royal inscriptions. Our initials do not give us away because we are of the none, we are of the unknown."
Gryh the great had spoken. Always steadfast, kind and virtuous.

That time she had answered everone had been totally quiet when she Thaliah spoke
 "But I remember waking up to a breaking wave, a turmoil that sounded like a framedrum and it came from within me.". She glanced up at Grandmother Gryh who curled up her long elegant tail slightly. Her dark eyes shone like coiled coals.  "Yes mine dear." Gryh spoke softly.  "It is the awakening to each beat of your heart."
 "But how can I have a heart, am I not a cold booded reptilian? ."
  The answer was the longest darkest sigh
 "You mine dear are of dragon kind"

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