The Devil's Ritual

Gather, oh brethren of the night,
Draw near, oh children of the moon,
For we have a task to undertake,
One that will cleanse the world of doom.

Heed my words, my dearest kin,
For they are solemn and divine,
We must perform a ritual,
One that lore has passed down time.

For centuries the devil roamed,
His grip of darkness unbreakable,
Consuming souls, corrupting minds,
His power insurmountable.

But we, the creatures of the night,
We vampires of the eternal life,
We know the secrets of the darkness,
We know how to end his strife.

The moon is high, the hour is late,
The air is heavy with the scent of death,
We stand in circle, hand in hand,
And with each breath, we draw our strength.

We light the candles, one by one,
Their flickering flames illuminating the gloom,
We whisper ancient words, invoke ancient gods,
And call upon the spirits to manifest in this room.

Our hearts beat as one, our will as strong as steel,
Our eyes alight with the thirst for truth,
We begin the dance, the ritual of the night,
Summoning the very essence of the uncanny youth.

As we spin and turn, our movements gain in pace,
An evocation of power builds with a steady rise,
The air around us thickens in the occult space,
The force we seek, soon to be materialized.

The circle expands, the power surges forth,
Darkness wanes, as the light of the Seven shines,
The devil shrieks, his spirit trapped and enclosed,
In darkness, he is vanquished away from mankind.

Our ritual ends, the deed is done,
The devil vanquished forevermore,
We, creatures of the night, have won,
The world will shine again, no longer impure.

The night is still, the beasts are calm,
The moon fades as the daylight dawns,
Peace returns, for all to see,
The power of the ritual, the power of eternity.
Written by Mrblack616 (MrBlack)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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