I am really sensitive when I eat food    
I get the tingling in my forearms and cheeks    
Then it gets to spreading    
I then start feeling all the confliction    
Because I do not know how to control it    
I want to create    
This is my escape    
I take a bite of this food    
And I just melt    
I need to smash that bowl of food    
Yes I do    
I get lost in the excitement    
Taste buds always wanting more    
I also need to practice my patience    
In this moment the crown    
Tingling so much    
I can not hold back    
It is so unbearably hard    
Biting my lip    
This is my deepest struggle    
The flavors just burst sooo....    
Well it's kinda hard to explain    
So many great words    
Hard to choose    
Dancing across my tongue    
Like a thousand happy colors    
A rainbow might explain it best    
With all it's beautifully bursting array of colors    
I am a rainbow    
Patience will be my success
Written by KrystalG
Published | Edited 19th Mar 2023
Author's Note
I wrote this poem while I was thinking about my mother(rest peacefully Mama)after heating up some food in the microwave. As my bowl sat before me, suddenly the thought came about how I still have no good restraint on how I take in my food. I still eat way to fast. The full realization hitting me of why it is so important to pace myself. Eating food growing up, everytime I ate something that I really enjoyed, I would pretty much "inhale" my food, is what she would call it. She was so hard on me. Yelling at me, hitting my hands with silver forks. Calling me mean names and the list goes on. But besides all that, I realize now. I am really excited to share this one! It came to me while eating haha. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.  Please, don't be shy to tell me what you think!
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