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Crystalin Water

An old Friend's Poem," one of her best  " 2017."  
Crystaline water    
cleanse my cluttered mind    
weaving your coarse    
leave the chaos behind    
Riparian retreat    
where willows embrace    
finger leaf trails    
shows a rippling trace    
In mirrored depths    
your secrets abide    
the predators hunt    
the hunted, hide    
Amorphous shadows    
neath diaphonous stream    
caught for a moment    
by incandescent sunbeam    
Prowling predator    
a solitary pike    
in the margins, motionless    
an ambush, ready to strike!    
Kingfisher flashes    
dives from a branch    
flamboyant feathers,    
reflected, enhanced    
Emperor dragonflies    
hover and dart    
wings of gauze    
fragile work of art    
Their bejewelled regalia    
a delight to the eye    
consuming their prey    
while they fly    
Hymalayan Balsam    
an alien invasion    
disperse their seeds    
in violent expulsion    
In columbine's petticoats    
bees rest their wings    
Beware! Gargantuan hogweed    
fiendishly delivers poisonous stings    
Narcissus In love    
with his own reflection    
deaf ears to the cries    
of Echoes affection    
As the sun disappears    
amber ambience fades    
stream is now drenched    
in moonlit, monochrome shades    
Noctule and Daubentons    
flying aqua-bats    
gorging and feasting    
on a myriad of gnats    
Around the bole of a tree    
hangs a spectral blue mist    
names carved in its heart    
where two lovers first kissed    
Inky black waters    
casting silvery light    
where Naiads ride Kelpies    
an ephemeral sight    
In healing waters    
bloodline ancestors believed    
ancient folklore has cast magic    
to sustain our spiritual need.
Written by ZINZIN (hamid-S)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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