Much wiser and certainly far cleverer than the Brits, these French guillotine lovers!

By Stanley Collymore

Retain the British monarchy,
the serf sycophants avidly
proclaim, solely and also
allegedly, they ludicrously maintain
because of the phenomenally very
huge amounts of money evidently
which laughably, they themselves
and obviously as well their in situ
presence always supposedly but
in reality not so, magnanimously
effectively bring into the country.
Nah! Unquestionably, the actual,
literally most visited city, across
the western world and distinctly
so within Europe itself is clearly
quite basically and significantly
by far crucially not London by a
long streak, but unquestionably
very obviously, irrefutably Paris.

Funnily, though, these French
men and women similarly
once actually had their
own monarchy; but right now, and
for the life of me, I presently don't
recall, what they basically literally
did with it, except that effectively
they made absolutely sure that it
simply, wouldn’t exist any longer;
a most erudite decision of theirs
which has in every respect quite
specifically using the customary
and fallacious, British argument
often utilized, in respect of their
monarchy, worked marvellously
well, in France’s creative favour.

Astute people these French men
and women summarily getting
rid of their actually pointless
and unnecessary monarchy!  So why
then, I seriously wonder, and literally
clearly at variance myself, distinctly
on this profound matter discernibly
with a surfeit of solely sycophantic
British plebeians, who’re quite self-
evidently and likewise grotesquely
themselves literally endowed with
their endemically ingrained, rather
pathetic brownnosing; recurrently
and utterly adamantly set in spite
of France’s transparently obvious
and crucially, successful venture;
incredulously still obsessed with
worshipping the Windsor family?

And both ludicrously, and rather
inexplicably doing so in what’s
a modern 21st Century, quite
at variance to their very entrenched
Middle Ages mind-set and likewise
essentially of place, in its basically
sheer obsolescence quite patently
and characteristic, as themselves;
being characteristically unelected,
arrogantly self-entitled, uncaringly
similarly disgustingly; specifically,
unwarrantedly through no evident
discernible work ethic or any truly
outstanding or crucially essential
skills of their own, just irrefutably
and unwarrantedly, literally overly
and overtly, irrefutably obscenely
privileged and wealthy nobodies.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
16 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
It’s a commonly known and similarly also an indisputable fact that the Windsor monarchical family, and specifically very senior members of it, routinely among themselves bring in large amounts of money into Britain, as their sycophantic, brownnosing serfs disingenuously and self-servingly try to dishonestly in their intense lauding of these people obsessively try to persuade the rest of us in the UK, and even elsewhere, as their version of this fact, and then use it as an irrefutable and unchallengeable reason for retaining this unelected, non-democratic, non-meritocratic, non-equality of opportunity and a distinctively racist and white supremacist; discernibly also a totally obsolescent Middle Ages mind-set hereditary family permanently ensconced in their  exceedingly privileged: both societally and financially, unwarrantedly self-entitled and allegedly birth right  positions as the natural national Head of State of the United Kingdom and, moreover, automatically with the sole right to explicitly do so in a supposedly modern 21st Century.

Yes, the Windsors, and specifically its very senior members, do bring loads of unaccounted for cash into Britain, purposely and usually officially undeclared in these circumstances, and likewise craftily tucked away in several nondescript carrier bags! Doing so with no requisite checks in respect of these occurrences by the forces of law and order, immigration authorities or the Charity Commission’s nepotistic and cronyism morons, who as a convenient afterthought when these criminal, for that’s what they blatantly are, irregularities become publicly known, asininely and most unconvincingly declare it’s okay, as the cash is for “charities” that are laudable and well known to them. Yeah!

You or I – even theoretically – would be scathingly, openly and most hypocritically castigated by these same monarchical fetish serfs quite happy to turn a Nelsonian blind eye to the actions of Charles and other Windsor members – and without contradiction we’d be ourselves doing serious prison time! But that’s Britain’s entrenched monarchic, hereditary elite and supine class system for you; while risibly but highly dangerously passing itself off as our “national culture”. Anyway, those who are profitably benefiting from it – financially, politically or societally – aren’t going to complain with all those, to them, priceless gongs to be had, while the pathetically conditioned serfs are themselves too daft to recognize the overall difference.

Tourists don’t and have never come to Britain to see its monarchical family as these visitors rarely, if ever, get the genuine opportunity to do so; and if they idiotically thought they would they’d be instantly and naturally disappointed. For apart from such people and even British residents occasionally allowed to cavort sporadically in front of places like Buckingham Palace for the obvious photogenic effect, the other monarchical residences – privately or state owned – are categorically out of bounds to the general public whether they’re British or visitors, for whatever real reasons, they’re actually within Britain. So it’s a massive delusion that these visitors to the UK all come here specifically because of any distinct wish to see members of the British monarchy and consequently they’re so enormously enamoured by this outstandingly glorious prospect as to then very obviously quite willingly and selflessly buttress the economy of Britain phenomenally by consciously making themselves significantly poorer financially!

The situation in France and specifically Paris is very much different. People go there to see the architectural beauty of several buildings that they can actually enter and at leisure pleasantly explore and literally do so without all of this monarchical and quite outright bizarre and pathetic nonsense which automatically characterizes the entirety of the United Kingdom. So please, all your monarchical fawners and discernibly also intellectually challenged morons, just go and honestly so own your own rank stupidity and hypocrisy!

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