Vampires past

Gather, my kin, and hear my call  
For I have tales to spin, both dark and tall  
Of times when our kind roamed the earth  
In days of thorn, when death held greater worth  

The era, it was Victorian, dark and drear  
Our shadows cast a pall, and fed on pale fear  
We prowled the streets, with eyes like coals  
In search of prey to sate our hungry souls  

Amidst the bustle of mortal life, we hid  
For those who saw us knew not what we did  
They whispered of us, in hushed tones and dread  
For they knew all too well, what happened to the dead  

Our kind, we ruled the city's underbelly  
Our bloodlusts sated, our thirsts quenched thoroughly  
We hunted those lost souls, those who strayed  
Led them into darkness, where eternal life was made  

But though we danced in shadows, we were not free  
For many coveted our immortality  
The hunters, with their blades and holy rage  
They sought to rid the world of our unholy page  

We fought them, with teeth bared and eyes ablaze  
We made them regret the day they chose our craze  
But though we won more often than we lost  
Their hatred was a wound that could never be crossed  

So we continued, with our nightly hunts  
Our thirst for life a thing that never shunts  
The years passed, yet we remained the same  
The forever damned, with none to take the blame  

And now, as I sit in this timeless still  
I watch the world go by, ephemeral thrill  
For though the centuries may come and go  
My kindred remains, the dark eternal glow.
Written by Mrblack616 (MrBlack)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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