To my best friend

Why are you standing in a room with me?
Why are you standing in a room with me and still IĎm feeling alone
Youíd rather be far away, staring down in your phone
I hope you know that Iím slowly losing hope
The same jokes that you used to laugh at are now boring and old
I look at you, you look away what the hell is wrong
I want to help you but you wonít let me through

IĎm feeling trapped in my mind cause your space is empty
Why is there a void? Maybe
Maybe itís the way that we are talking
Itís different from the way we used to talk.
Yes I want to be involved
Yet youíre pushing me away, losing all my grip, Iím giving up
Iím losing faith you know

Maybe IĎm wrong
Maybe youĎre moving on
But I feel like itís unfair
That youíre leaving me here
In the dark.
I donít want to lose you
And you know that
You know that I canít
Still youíre pretending you donít care
I know you have some problems
so why donít you share?
Is this unfair?

Talk to me
I would listen
You know I would listen
If youĎd only talk to me
I love you as a friend really
Maybe this is not what youíre looking for
But thereís nothing else I can be there for
Yes, Iím sorry really
Yes I have some problems too
Iíve been fucked up just like you
Laying awake in bed too
Because Iíve been scared to lose
Scared to lose the only one I love in this world
These are just words
Iím sorry I canít put much more sense in them lately
Written by rainwriter
Author's Note
I wrote this one almost a year ago. But itís still so present in my head, still so little has changed that I decided to publish it anyways. I guess Iím just scared of changes, scared of losing a beloved friend to the darkness of the real world. Sometimes I wake up and want to be a child again. Way before life started to get serious.
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