What you did

you came into my life like A thief in the night stealing things that were important to me your actions destroyed my ability to know the difference between love and hate my ability to know when I'm in a bad situation the things you did turned me into someone I didn't ask to be you took my choices away before I knew they were mine to have I despise you there were so many opportunities to make it right opportunities to not do it at all It fucks me up at times when I see the emotional and mental manipulation that was at play the amount of power I allowed you to have over me at that moment and as we can see in the years to follow who the fuck are we supposed to tell when the ones we look to for advice and protection are the ones causing the pain and as someone who can talk from both perspectives sometimes I wish you could have been like the stranger the difference between you and him is if I see him again one day he wouldn't even notice me but you it wasn't what if it was when and like a light switch when you were around I would lose all ability to process the situation my body shuts down and you do what your told you hear the lies and learn to repeat them you even taught me some like when you fight back so you do nothing in hopes it will be over quicker it sucks to look around and want to say something but seeing how much those around you loved you knowing the problems it would make in the family I know you no longer have A physical hold on me but you will always be in the darkest parts of my mind no matter how much I heal
Written by LadyJ
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