Call me bizz (rap machine)

I'm a 90's Baby ,Crazy Smoke Got Me Feeling Hazy,
Because I Put in work while yall haters feeling lazy im my own Man
So These Little Things don't phase me, because I'm a Heart breaker that's why these girls chase me, So Bow down to the king better obey me, When I write I leave
earthquakes like Haiti,
Haters will get plucked like a daisy

Rap Machine, Stacking Green, No Reason To Be Mad At Me, because I Put in
Work And I Just Flip It Like A Magazine,because When I write I Leave The
Whole Scene In A Tragedy, And I Can write Like This For Days No
Caffeine, My Flow so Hot Somebody please Bring Me A Canteen, Grown Man Cooking
Up No Kid Cuisine, All about the cash and a dream you know you dig me,
they call me Bizz For a reason so don't be mad if I intervene

See I'm just, born in 1994 flow like a faucet bars like a
penitentiary, they feel me respecting me,
And Im gonna go hard even if publishers are rejecting me, hand
cuffs I got the key, They mad cuz I got more buzz then a bumble bee always stay calm,

But your in trouble bee, but I'm gonna keep it on
the low and just mumble see,
I put in work so these people will just invest in me
And I'm gonna snip em out quick like a vasectomy
Been blessed with these rhymes every since elementary, maybe that's
the reason your girlfriend is obsessed with me
She digs that I feel that, now I'm about to bring it back
Then she break me off a piece †of that.........

And I bet that Iím a legend in the making
And this writing game is mine...for the taking
And I'm embracing every move without patience
Writing lyrical bars while these others are faking
So stop hating, I just do it cuz I love it And keep it real you just do it for the 100's
And Im not on your level I'm just above it
And you can take your mediocre rhymes and just shove it

0h and this is my life, its been a struggle, been a
mission, been a fight, Despite anybody take my rhymes,
But I , Take this pen and bless you all with my greatness
Serving all you haters something like a waitress
I keep it moving, while you ducking like the matrix
Fashionable guy you can tell by my lateness

That Iím a true spitter, go getter, no quitter, Bars ripping through your
skin something like a splinter, And I'm a beast brother you are just a
critter, and every time I step in the booth I just Deliver.....And I
am not talking about the pizza man, never see my pants saggin,and I'm bragging because
I'm stacking money and your lacking

So Get packing, your time is up my time is now
Because I got them real connects something like a unibrow, you disallow,
I dissaprove, Spit it so critical, Got love for the game
unconditonal, political, criminal, spitting them symblimonals, and I
don't handcuff these birds I just hit and go, give and go, you should
know, that I'm gonna get it yo, and Ima gunna bounce back something

I'm Hot, you So-So, im gonna Hit you with a Low blow, and I'm too fast for you
haters, yall slowpokes, I get doe you stay broke bro that isnt a
joke, For sure †I spit cause my minds cracked, you better sit back, gotcha girlfriend all
over my 6-pack, and i dont even have one.. She Digs that Im not with that,
Punchlines Deadly you could call it Mortal Kombat

A Visionary when I spit it
Married to this game so im committed
got my k swiss On, Reno Fitted
This is my life I'm damn sure gonna live it
Every girl that you with I already hit it
Anything that youve done I already did it
A Message To You haters
 "Yall Finished?"
Written by bmcmurtrie_94
Author's Note
I wrote this a while ago for fun and i would like some honest criticism on it i wanted it to be a "just for fun" rap freestyle and this is what it turned into.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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