Isn't That What You Wanted?

Why do y'all wish your children to never be intimate?
Or at least not sleep around, and have only one mate?
Y'all get so mad, when you talk to or hear of people
Who have no sexual desire, or even want to sleep with people.
Why do you not want your kids to do that,
But when they come out as asexual, you can't have that?
You want grandchildren so badly you want to force the issue?
So mush so, that for your eyes, you reach for a tissue?
Because you see this as a human glitch?
Or do you want them to have an un-scratchable itch,
That you can attack them for, like lightning to a rod,
So you can beat them down with the fear of god,
And/or just your anger, just to have something to hate,
Why need something about your children to hate?
You want them to be modest and "proper",
Until they say they are already modest and "proper",
When they have little to no urges, when it's easy for them,
Is it that you can't relate to them?
You don't like that they didn't/don't suffer like you did?
Or that they're not trying to get into shenanigans like you did?
Or that their body count is too low, and they're just lame rubbish?
Is it you feel you can't exert control, if you can't punish?
Or is the idea so different that you can't comprehend,
Therefore you can't lend a guiding hand,
Can't look at them the same,
Can't show compassion the same,
Can't guide them through the other aspects of life,
All because they're different from you, thus leading to strife?
I thought you wanted them to be chaste, or wait 'till later,
Or are you mad at yourself for not waiting 'till later?
Are you mad at yourself for having negative experiences,
And now they're learning, increasing their mind expanses?
You wish you hadn't been pressured into early situations,
And now your children know about these types of situations,
And through red flags, who could potentially be their enemies,
And better know their boundaries
And better know healthy expectations,
That weren't taught in previous generations?
Are you mad that your children aren't to a partner, tethered,
That they aren't being pressured,
Attacked and harassed, like you were?
Why? These are your children, not copies of what you were,
You should want the best for them,
You should be happy for them,
Not wishing pain, suffering, confusion, and denial on them.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
Author's Note
#Society #Asexual #Greysexual #Ace-Spec
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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