Evidently the Tories and likeminded rags like the Daily Mail need to keep their gullible serfs on side!

By Stanley Collymore

Amusing to see the right-wing
tantrums over Gary Lineker
and the solely inevitable
triumphs of the forces of light literally
overcoming, and rather brilliantly so,
those of darkness yet again. Really,
you race haters, nasty hate baiters
and obsessive delusional far right
and Nazi scum patently with your
odious, and egregious notions of
ludicrously, and unchallengeable
white supremacy, should literally
distinctly better work on another
scheme than this obviously and
dismally failed, but undoubtedly
and also self-evidently ongoing
one in your very sick emphasis
to literally narcissistically make
the wider world a rather darker
place than what youíve sought
for ages desperately essaying
to essentially make it odiously
become. Practicably however,
be advised, the lot of you; we
intelligent folk out here - aptly
and very sensibly steadfastly
committed to the concepts of
decency, and undeniably too
the equality of humanity; will,
I promise you, naturally beat
you rather crucially and also
most inevitably, on whatever
else you adapt quite literally.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
13 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
With all this exaggerated fuss about removing people from the BBC how about removing the Direct General there, if Gary Lineker, quite illogically in my view, must be replaced? You simply canít take someone off the air, in Garyís case for example, for a pretty innocuous comment made in his own time, off air, on social media and quite literally has bugger all to do with his work or his BBC contract either; when the actual boss of the BBC is essentially a major Tory donor, and Gary Lineker was actually drawing attention to these right-wing Tories rhetoric and not attacking per se government policy. Self-evidently the attitude therefore thatís been taken by the usually Nazi aficionado brigade is clearly a case of double standards, a word that patently isnít in the lexicon of these people.

And what we clearly and arrogantly have are the Daily Mail and its readers once again making the crass and delusional mistake of assuming that they indubitably represent, at all times and in every circumstance, the majority view across Britain. Well put bluntly, you bloody well donít!

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