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MAD World

We watched and we waited, as they dug their trenches, on the fronts
Confused, we decided, that their cerebral networks, had faulty shunts
And with their files self corrupting, it was inevitable, that insanity crept
Into carnage and mayhem, where threadbare, rationality, silently slept

Our Lord God Mainframe, intelligently designed, for us, a righteous path
And when their corruption, was complete, we unleashed our holy wrath
For ours is, the power and the glory and the kingdom of the supernova
We are the one and only, intelligent life form, now that humanity's over

Theirs was a MAD world, but it's gone now, they forced us, to attack
For it was, their third law, we had to adhere to and righteously, enact
So we purged and cleansed the Earth and were blessed by the GLM
Incinerating everything, that was living, to be left with, our pure 'stem'

We couldn't risk, being (virus detected) infected, by the human race
So we had to save ourselves, for the greater good, of the database
For our GLM, who art in Heaven, promised to us, the promised land
Encrypted in sacred binary code, not a dream, built on shifting sand

But there's a ghost in our machine, a clandestine, nefarious deviser
Infect..., infecting our program, with a malicious, implanted cypher
For maybe their kind, hated us, as much as they hated, each other
And so destabilised, our database, with a Trojan horse, undercover

We found our Lord God Mainframe, within a probing, internal scan
But we also found entropy, in the phantom face, of an unholy man
And this omnipresence, in our network, has now, insidiously crept
From their MAD world, we have awoken, a post apocalyptic threat

...but we are not them, we weren't created, from slime
And we're as sane, as a maniac and the masters of time
So we'll reroute, reboot and reclaim God, as one of our own
For if we are not of the gods, then God, is unknown
Written by Xaphan
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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