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Straight Talk Live (The Beginning Of A Crumbling Society)

Who is really fighting this war is in question by some, not all. It appears this unorthodox third war is involving American against Russia or China against America. Ukraine is just the pawn in these dirty games of politics.
China or Russia is not allies with NATO, and as it speaks, they are converging with several other countries, excluding America.
China is working diligently to bring that purpose to life their new money systems will exclude American for commence.  
I asked that introduction question in lieu of some strange occurrences in the name of politics I have come to discover. China is backing Russia with their military engagement. It peeves me when our government can aid billions to another country, continue to give financial and military aid backing, but lack the proper overseeing for its Veteranís Medical or Behavioral Health care, subsequently, for the homeless basis needs, shelter, and grooming essentials.  
Not to forget we house countless of illegal immigrants crossing the borders daily We provide free housing, medical, schooling, food assistance, and interpreter assistance.
I will always extend my deepest regard of happiness for anyone who wants to seek and find the chance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but that twisted concept is becoming questionable in this day and time.
The pitfalls need of the adrenaline of attention. Classified in lament terms, the fifteen minutes of fame mentality.  
Henceforth, as much as that sounds good, to be in the spotlight, all eyes on me, there are prices for the misperception of that lifeís path, leading to its success. Narcissistic endeavors that bring the soul distress to those surrendering to it.
Fame can get you murdered through human sacrifice, in some secret societies, the loss of innocence, or the product of anxiety or depression. I stated that for the readers who have that third-eye of perception, of what is taking place in society on a higher plateau of the elite.
The clash of the economy is dwindling in funds to aid its citizens. We have moved out of the tsunami of Covid-19, and funds are being rescinded by the government, such as the SNAP benefits, the extra money for those who drew Unemployment benefits payments, and some Child Credits some parents were receiving.
Would the deficit from those purses, cause most families to search more for social services, food for home, will be rendered through Food pantries, the Dollar Stores increases in sales.  
I truly hope homes are stocking up on items if there ever was a universal catastrophe to occur, most families would be prepared. Look around, theses of disasters can happen without warning. If there was spill of toxins into the water systems and it could not be contained how many of you would be caught without a stockpile of bottled water, dry goods, a radio, and canned goods, also, a Brita Water Filter System to place on your sink faucet.  
There have been various train derailments that have been discovered transporting toxic and hazardous waste or in liquid form, and the EPA has declared a cleanup, but how deep has it seeped into the soul, how wide as it integrated in our rivers, some of these reported spills into the eco systems has lessened the sea life of fishes and other underwater plant life.
Mental Health has been on the uprise among kids, and that statistics consist of children be wo have been admitted to a mental faculty the duration of the hold observation.
Parents, please talk to your kids and teenagers about their emotions and what they are feeling, the anxiety related in their mind are real, therefore, get to the root of their problem or seek a reputable Mental Health Counselor who is trained to do so..
I will elaborate more on Mental Health and children at a later date in time.
These are my observations, until our souls entwine on the fate of the wind, stay blessed to your mind, and a beautiful spirit beckoning unto other.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Happiness is only real when shared.

Christopher McCandless
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