Decorum in Hollywood? You've either got to be truly delusional or else stoned cold kidding!

By Stanley Collymore    
You brainwashed Daily Mail cunts    
are obviously out of your stoned    
minds or else are quite frigging    
well delusionally joking as significantly  
there's absolutely really no such thing    
as decorum, basically assuming that  
the odious buggers: the spouse and  
partner swappers, literally hardcore  
cocaine addicts and the full surfeit    
of casting couch trollops basically    
living there essentially know what    
that word really means. Decorum    
in Hollywood? Laughable! Totally    
fatuously puerile as claiming the    
Daily Mail rag is a very reputable    
and actually serious, newspaper.  
Furthermore, Harry and Meghan    
significantly live, over 100 miles    
away from Hollywood, which by    
the way, isn't even the centre of    
the USA and clearly less so the    
epicentre, of this earthly world;    
or the greater ouniverse, come    
to that! Consequently Meghan    
and Harry have no discernible    
need to go there effectively to      
make friends more than other    
normal would people do. And    
why should they or ignorantly    
care what vile prats infesting    
Hollywood that they crucially    
don't know, and literally don't    
know them too, see them as.    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
5 March 2023.    
Author's Remarks;    
Realistically the Daily Mail rag is plainly a comic strip publication that caters for its intellectually challenged and clearly dimwitted distinctly pathetically gullible rightwing white Karen's and their rather likemindedly azoospermiac and literally routinely cuckolded Gammons.

All of these obviously, naturally toxically verminous and quite instinctively also lowlifes absolutely relish on fantasies and that's what the Daily Mail routinely provides them with. Distinctively also, Hollywood is basically all about fantasy and as is to be expected these pillocks at the Daily Mail passing themselves off as journalists along with their very controlled trolls believe everything also about Hollywood and its similarly very fantasy world.

And this fantasy piece about Harry and Meghan is exactly what it is, basically pure crap. And how many of you know people who live over 100 miles away from where you reside or actually give a shit about what they dementedly think about anything much less yourselves?  

Don't forget that the Daily Mail use to very effusively praise the Third Reich and likewise Jimmy Savile so it clearly has a history of getting it wrong; but that's what endemically inured idiots do. And significantly too the obsession of the Daily Mail is further entrenched against Meghan, not only for its racist reasons but because she panned its arrogant ass in COURT!

Consequently, anybody: including has-beens, utter nonentities, self-serving Coconuts and odious, Stockholm Syndrome type House Niggers, who no one of substance had previously ever heard of advantageously decides to snatch their five minutes of transient fame through desperately grabbing some much needed publicity by fatuously jumping on the anti-Harry and Meghan bandwagon, while these puerile assholes at the Daily Mail and its likeminded racist right-wing rags and electronic  media outlets in tandem with their surfeit of intellectually challenged, totally gullible and easily led and controlled moronic trolls instantly and most ludicrously temporarily laud these self-serving pillocks, whoever they are; then just as easily along with the toxically verminous morons at rags like the Daily Mail easily and readily forget these asinine cunts, paid or otherwise, forthwith; who’ve done their dirty work for them.

And this is what you puerile morons within the public, unthinkingly and automatically accept as news, as you blub away with each other, earnestly hoping for “like” clicks, in your echo chamber. What sorry and pathetic lives you have!
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 6th Mar 2023
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