Is there no end to the extraordinary talents of Camilla Parker Bowles?

By Stanley Collymore        
Funny, in the peculiar sense and        
not the least bit humorous that        
not so long ago, and evidently        
still is today by anyone who truly isn't
gullible; sadly, pathetically dimwitted  
or actually endemically intellectually        
challenged that rather effectively so        
literally one of Britain's most vilified
women is specifically, miraculously
transformed into a virtually Mother        
Theresa figure, and most ironically        
too not by anything that creditably,        
or rather notably outstanding, that        
she's actually undertaken, far less        
so, remotely either consciously or        
inadvertently done! Now however,        
with rather massively paid for PR,        
the unrelentingly fawning actions        
and firmly ingrained monarchical        
sycophancy of rags like the Daily        
Mail discernibly compounded by        
the sad, like minded activities of        
its literally, financially controlled        
trolls; markedly and inseparably        
too, from all of the aforesaid, in        
a distinctly unctuous response,        
large sections of British public,        
stupidly helped in this noxious        
act by their clearly genocidally        
inane, quite ingrained criminal        
and undoubtedly convict bent.        
Their basically, quite delusional        
Terra nullius, fittingly overseas        
kin in the literally, barbarically        
acquired countries which racially they    
now rather tenaciously control to the  
woeful detriment of these countries'        
Indigenous populations are actually      
now rabidly, very vigorously among        
the actual previously and virulently        
castigatory lot now so ridiculously        
openly and risibly joyously stating        
how truly they intrinsically admire        
and fundamentally, both love and        
suitably respect Camilla Windsor        
formerly, the Mrs Parker Bowles!        
Which simply goes to show how        
easily these British monarchical        
brownnosers, and similarly their        
likeminded overseas kin can be        
readily manipulated on a whim!        
(C) Stanley V. Collymore        
5 March 2023.        
Author's Remarks:        
The significant charm basically, of the Antiques Roadshow, is simply that this television progromme usually features ordinary people, essentially bringing in their own very honestly acquired items for inspection and expert valuation too; not having rich bastards or bitches very much in possession of evidently dodgy stuff, or similarly, basically licentiously likeminded trollops on their concerted, disingenuous and totally dishonest PR "rehabilitation" drive and obviously too very desperate for favourable publicity  
Someone who actually looks like an adulteress smug and with the "morals" of an alley cat, while covered up in expensive gear, as additionally her deceitful eyes say it all!  
Out of general curiosity is Camilla there on this Antiques Roadshow programme strictly as a guest or as an item?
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Published | Edited 6th Mar 2023
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