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Silken Ties

Long Island, New York

Mr. Delaro Sr., Amati, Mr. Delaro Jr., Zaniyah’s grandmother, and two of Mr. Delaro’s Sr. hired men sat within the study, mulling over an idea to save Zaniyah.
Marcus looked over a map of Dmeshii’s compound in Russia, provided by satellite from the FBI database.
“Unfortunately, no man or beast has been privileged to penetrate or get within feet of his presence once the security has been compromised.”
Marcus looked up from reading the layout.
“Mr. Delaro, I specifically asked you, man to man to keep Zaniyah here.”
“Zaniyah gained the favor of the cook not to divulge her whereabouts on the contingent she would return before it became too late.”
Marcus slicked his hand back through his hair.
“Is there a remote chance, my daughter, will be returned safe and sound.”
Yes, after that bastard fucks her every which way but loose, to spite him he thought.
“I am working on a plan; However, I will need clearance. Once my men and I land in Russia, money opens close mouths, and grants a foot in closed doors.”
Mr. Delaro snapped his fingers.
Amati lifted the briefcase by the handle from off the floor. He walked over to Mr. Delaro’s desk and placed the briefcase on top of the surface. He flipped up both locks and opened it.
Marcus looked down at the neatly aligned Grover Cleveland bills.
“It’s over ten million dollars. I’m sure that would get a lot of doors open.”
Marcus slammed the briefcase close.
“My rescue services are not for sale.”
Each man looked at each other in Mr. Delaro Jr.’s study.
Mr. Delaro looked up at Marcus.
“How dare you worry about your principles? When my daughter has been…abducted by the Russian Bratva, according to mouths on the street, the captain.”
“I will get Zaniyah back to you, own my own accord.”
“That two gun shit concept in your head, does not fly, in Russia, and if you come back empty handed for attempting to try to weasel my daughter out of the clutches of that bastard. I would kill you myself. Now take the fucking money and do what needs to be done to get my daughter back here, safe and alive.”
“You may want to pull the breaks on that mafia tough shit. I said I do things my way, and that includes without your money.”
“Young man, we have a very fragile relationship with the Russian Mafia, whereas they have several allies: American, Armenian, Chinese, Corsican, Italian (‘Ndrangheta and Camorra), Serbian Mafia, Bulgarian Mafia, Albanian Mafia, Macedonian mafia, Romanian mafia, Turkish Mafia, Drug Cartels and Israeli Mafia. It will be hard to go up against a man who controls Russia, from politics to white slavery. Please take the money, you will realize, you are going to need it; please accept our assistance, the best way we know how.”
Marcus looked down into Zaniyah’s grandmother’s soft eyes. Her plea tore at his heartstrings.
“Before, I agree to this, I need everyone in this room to be silent.”
Marcus slid his cell phone from out the inside pocket of his leather jacket. He slid it open and pressed the numerical number to Zaniyah’s Blackberry. He placed it up to his ear.
Zaniyah heard her Blackberry vibrating. She looked down at her purse on her lap.
“Do you mind if I answer this call. It could be my father, please.”
“I never heard a ring.”
“It’s on vibrate and my Blackberry is inside my purse.”
Dmeshii looked into Zaniyah’s eyes.
“Make it brief. I do not want an air traffic controller tracking me in the sky.”
Zaniyah opened her purse and took out her Blackberry. She slid it open and looked down the unknown number. She looked over and Dmeshii and flashed him a smile. She placed her Blackberry up to her ear.
“This is Zaniyah, how could I help you, father.”
Long Island, New York

“Are you occupied?”
“Why yes, father, I was with the girls tonight, and Marcus whisked me away. I do not know when I will be home. Marcus is taking me on a romantic ride.”
“Private Jet.”
“Yes, I think will are going to his home first.”
Dmeshii snatched Zaniyah’s Blackberry from out her hand and placed it up to his ear.
“Do not worry Director Modarius, I will certainly fuck her for the both of us.”
Dmeshii slid Zaniyah’s Blackberry close. He placed it inside the breast pocket of his suit jacket.
Long Island, New York

“This shit just got really serious. Zaniyah is over waters of Russian territory by now, and to a certain point she cannot be tracked due to the rules of engagement.”
“Do you need any more muscles?”
“I have my own elite team. We can manage. If I can, I will try to get a word to you.”
“If not, please be careful Director Modarius.,” Mr. Delaro stated.
“No director here, only man against beast.” Marcus looked down at his watch. “I have to go.”
Marcus turned and walked toward the door.
“Hold it young man.”
Zaniyah’s grandmother rushed over to the Mr. Delaro’s desk. She lifted the briefcase from off the tale and walked over to where Marcus stood.
“Good luck, you are going to need it.”
Marcus looked around the study. He took the briefcase by the handle and walked out Mr. Delaro’s study.
“Relax, we have plenty of time to get acquainted before I get to kill that nigger boyfriend of yours.”
“You are pathetic.”
“When I’m inside you much later, holler that out then.”
Zaniyah rested her back against the cushioned seat.
Dmeshii looked down at the gown resting against Zaniyah’s thigh. He palmed her thigh and slowly rose her gown up. He rubbed alongside her thigh.
Zaniyah moved her thigh away.
“Do not touch me.”
He looked into her eyes.
“Over every single inch of that perfect body of yours I will come to enjoy.”
Dmeshii unhooked his seatbelt. He removed his suit jacket and tossed it on the chair across from his seat. He reached downward and unhooked Zaniyah’s seatbelt.
“I did not hear the pilot announcing we are arriving at our destination.”
“And you won’t.”
Dmeshii pressed in a button to the side of his soft leather white seat.
“I wish not to be disturbed and have anyone in the galley to announce his presence prior to enter my private quarters.”
“That is confirmed Mr. Yukisovo.”
Dmeshii rose from his seat. He reached down and grabbed Zaniyah’s hand. He pulled her presence into a standing position.
“Wait a minute, just what do you think you’re doing?”
“Keeping my promise to that boyfriend of yours.”
Dmeshii escorted Zaniyah passed four luxury suites, a prayer room, a steam room, a well-being room, as well as a concert hall, and last, a large boardroom.  He escorted her to his sleeping quarters of his private Airbus A380.
Both entered a spacious master bedroom decorated with rich hues of brown, white and gold.
A King size bed centered in the middle of the lavish space, met her curiosity.
Dmeshii removed his tie, followed by his white shit. He rested the clothing items over a clothes rack stationed near the white leather couch. He bent over and removed his shoes. He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and them unbuttoned the button to his pants. He pushed down his pants and Kenneth Cole briefs down his legs. He kicked both aside, lifted them from off the tan colored carpet, and rested them over his other clothing items.
Zaniyah turned her attention away from a hard erection.
“Join me.”
“No thank you.”
“I was not asking. Either you could undress yourself, our allow me.”
Dmeshii’s steps took him across the cabin. He stood inched from Zaniyah.
“On second thought, I would embrace the visual observation alone.”
He reached out to lift one of her spaghetti straps to her gown.
Zaniyah looked down at Dmeshii, as he slid the other strap down her arms.
“This is not…”
Dmeshii, wrapped his arms around Zaniyah’s waist, pulled her to him, and covered her lips with his.
Zaniyah attempted to retreat.
Dmeshii held her tighter against his body. His lips fed off the passion behind her resistance.
Was this her arms creeping around his neck; her pressing her body against his, the word retreat, somewhere getting lost, under the hypnotic feeling of his lips consuming hers.
Dmeshii pulled Zaniyah’s gown down. The material sagged under her breasts. His lips moved to her ear. He stuck the tip of his tongue inside her ear canal.
“D…meshii please.”
“Please what,” Dmeshii whispered inside Zaniyah’s ear.
His hot and minty breath made her body tremble.
“I... have boyfriend.”
Dmeshii’s response was to push Zaniyah’s gown over her hips.
The gown landed at Zaniyah’s ankles.
Dmeshii lifted Zaniyah’s feet from off the carpet.
Zaniyah chained her ankles around Dmeshii’s back.
Dmeshii palmed Zaniyah’s buttocks and rushed over to the bed. He kneed the bed; his body took her backwards.
Zaniyah’s spine rested on a velvet bed covering.
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah’s inner arm.
Zaniyah unraveled her ankles from around Dmeshii’s back. She inched her head up.
Dmeshii descended his head and kissed Zaniyah’s on her lips. His hand dropped down. He fingered the lips that sandwiched her clitoris; his finger snaked inside her pussy.
“Umm,” Zaniyah moaned her pleasure behind the invasion.
Dmeshii heighted the kiss as his finger traveled further. His lips vacated Zaniyah’s lips; he kissed under her chin. He lifted his body from off hers. Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah down her chest onto her stomach. He kissed the hilt of her pelvis. His tongue made a wet track through her downy hairs.
Zaniyah spaced her thighs and linked her ankles around Dmeshii’s neck.
Dmeshii cupped Zaniyah’s derrière. He lifted her pelvis simultaneously, his tongue darted inside her wet vaginal orifice.
“Oh shit.”
Zaniyah’s head came from off the bed.
Dmeshii’s tongue thrashed inside Zaniyah’s womanhood.
“Oh…please stop…please...please.”
Zaniyah’s head bobbed against the mattress.
Dmeshii squeezed Zaniyah’s buttocks tighter. His tongue intensified its explorative emotions. He reached down and cupped his manhood. He withdrew his tongue; he spit on the mound of Zaniyah’s pelvis. His tongue made a pilgrimage up her body. He lifted a breast and hovered his tongue over the nipple.
Zaniyah’s body was sinking into a tunnel of carnal oblivion, without any escape in sight. She palmed the side of Dmeshii’ face and bought his face down to hers. She kissed his lower lip, and softly tugged on it between her lips.
Dmeshii’s hand slid between their bodies. He stroked his manhood; he blindly aimed the helmet at the door of her vaginal passage.
Zaniyah reached her hand down and covered Dmeshii’s palm. She steered his manhood inside of her.
“Fucking tight pussy.”
Dmeshii covered Zaniyah’s lips. He cupped her buttocks. His dick inched insider her more.
Zaniyah’s body naturally clenched.
The widen stretch once again was giving her vaginal walls limited space to accommodate the fit.
“Make love to me Zaniyah.”
Zaniyah linked her arms around Dmeshii’s neck. Her pelvis slammed into his groin as his groin slammed into her pelvis.
“Oh…you feel so fucking tight inside.”
Dmeshii lifted Zaniyah’s arms from around his neck. He bound them and extended them over her head and took a nipple inside his mouth. He suckled it and hammered his lengthen dick inside of her.
“Oh…. Dmes…hii,” Zaniyah’s speech became strangled inside her throat. She twisted her body, to elude the gratifying sensation.
She pulled his body down on top of hers.
Dmeshii’s dick penetrated to the center core of Zaniyah’s pussy.
Zaniyah’s body soared to a final pinnacle. Her climax inched down a tower of harden flesh.
“” Dmeshii’s held his groin against Zaniyah’s pelvis, threw his head back, and ejaculated. “Fucking...good pussy.” He kissed her lips and lifted off her body. He balanced his weight on his palms; he continued to stab his manhood inside her womanhood.
Zaniyah lifted her upper body. She kissed over Dmeshii’s nipple. Her palms wandered aimlessly up and down his sweat drenched back.
Dmeshii leaned his face downward.
“Fuck…me dammit.”
Zaniyah opened her legs wider.
The soles of her feet braced his outer thighs. She lugged his body down to hers.
Dmeshii palmed the iron-casted headboard.
Another shattering ejaculation flooded inside her vaginal walls.
Zaniyah gently bit Dmeshii’s shoulder blade. She kissed over the reddish marking.
Dmeshii leaned his face back.
Zaniyah stuck her tongue outward.
Dmeshii suckled on Zaniyah’s tongue, and then his mouth completely covered hers. Dmeshii slowly inched his lips away. He kissed Zaniyah on her nose.
“An American woman, catered to fit my needs, how challenging for the man who walks away with her.”
At that moment, guilt ate at Zaniyah’s heart. She felt she had betrayed Marcus by sleeping with the enemy and loving every single minute of it.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you with your clothes on or off.”
Dmeshii kissed the side of Zaniyah’s neck.
“Everyone please take their seat. We will be landing in about twenty minutes.”
“Perfect timing wouldn’t you say.”
“I would.”
Dmeshii lifted Zaniyah chin and kissed her on the mouth. He withdrew his manhood and rolled over onto his back.
Zaniyah rolled over on her side.
“Zaniyah, I can still taste you in my mouth, there is no time for false modesty. Who, I like, is who I intend to keep.”
Zaniyah pivoted her face. She looked up into Dmeshii’s eyes.
Dmeshii looked down into her eyes.
“I am already spoken for.”
“You were, and your body, and your caresses, tells me something completely different. I know that bastard will come for you, but I will be the last man standing, and lying right beside you at my chateau in Russia each and every night.”
“We must get dressed. There is a formal dinner, you and I will extend this evening and following that you can contact your father, and advise him, his daughter will not be returning to America.”
Zaniyah turned over on her back.
“I have a life, and not in Russia. I demand you take me back. This is kidnapping.”
“The moment I stuck my dick inside you, unprotected, that word is a figment of your imagination. Now come, we must get dressed.”
Dmeshii rose from the bed.
Zaniyah palmed her forehead.
How in the hell was she going to get out this never-ending predicament.
Zaniyah sat up and swung her legs over the bed. Her feet hit the carpet. She rose from off the bed.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 1st Mar 2023
Author's Note
A published chapter ripped out of one of my novels.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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