Can't kill Bill

It's too long to be a limerick so perhaps a ditty if you will
 If you will just be still like trying to catch a fish with a rod and the reel
 And if you're ever in a pickle that isn't sweet then think dill
 Which is what you'll surely get if you ever mess with Bill
 There lives an old man and his name is Bill
 he's got a big damn boy and that man's name is Will
 And if bringing them some trouble is really how you feel
 You better pack a sack lunch and sharpen up your skills
 but first sit down and write yourself out of will
 Cause you think that you can and you will cause most do
 but you can't so you don't and you won't find the zeal to
 Now you might feed mill or you might backfill
 you might center field or you might steel mill
but cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 It'd be easier for you to hike up a hill
 Made out of red clay ground you're going to till
 With two bruised feet and broken heels that will not heal
 Now you might unreal or you might outfield
 When Pigs fly they might squeal
 but his blood and beer around here won't spill
 Now you might sawmill
 But cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 You might cook steaks or burn beans on the grill
 or you might drink bootleg beer ice cold and get your fill
 But cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 You might slap fat Phil you might kick dumb Neil
 You might spring mill you might have a flat wheel
 But cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 You might eat a good meal or eat a handful of pills
 or even get jacked and get to eat sweet Jill
 You might treadmill or you might windmill
 But cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 You might see wings flapping with hairy feathers on a seal
 or see a bird swim for miles with a smile so absurd
 blowing smoke rings out his gill
 You might wheel and deal and get a steal that's so surreal
 And if you pay your light bill
 You might Netflix and chill and get to watch Kill Bill
 or you might cornmeal or you might bean field
 But cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 You can fly to the moon you can fly to Brazil
 You can catch a pop fly straight outta left field
 You can buy ten bananas and get high off the peels
 It's not quiet yet noon it's still about ten til
 High enough time by now that you oughta know the drill
 But cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 Knives and guns you best not wield
 or be tough enough not to bluff cause he don't yield
 You might Buffalo Bill or you might Wrigley field
 But cha can't kill Bill
 No you can't kill Bill
 Well his hair is little grayer
 His temper has gotten ill
 I reckon he's gotten old cause all the toughest ones will
 He stout like white lightning like cold hard steel
 Puffing on his cigar with a smile in his grill
 So if you're feeling really tough like Evander Holyfield
 I wish a muthfuka would if you think you want a thrill
 Yeah it'll be a hard one to swallow so don't choke on that pill
 He's over there on the mountain top he's not over the hill
 He's filling some mighty big boots no one can fill or wants to feel
 Now you might get killed and the grave might fill
 Fukaround and find out and you'll get killed by Bill
 But cha can't kill Bill
 Hell naw you ain't killing Bill
 I know that you won't beat him
 I know you think that you will
 But that's one thing that you will not fulfill so until
 I got a hundred buck bill
 That says you would if you could
 but you won't and he will
 Now you might get real or you might refill
 You might wheat field or only eat heels
 But cha can't and you shan't Or You kain't so you ain't
 But you don't and you won't
 Kill that tough sumbich named Bill.Bet          
Written by zinnzinn (ZINNNNIZ)
Published | Edited 28th Feb 2023
Author's Note
This is to honor a tough as nails old schooler. They don't make his kind anymore. He helped to build the old school then said "fuq recess , I'm going fishing"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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