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Sunsets make me happy

When the sun drops down in the sky I start to get a desire I canít control
I imagine the burning of his eyes and the fire that only we know
I can feel his warm hands as they run along my skin
The heat thatís generated between us letís out the raging beast within
Panties get torn off and I get thrown across the bed
He positions himself between my legs and tells me I have to beg
I canít contain my whimpers itís just much too much to speak
All that happens is a tiny little squeak
He lets out a sinister laugh and the hair on my face stands still
He demands that I become silent, itís time to bend my will
Wrists get tied together, a satin sash covers my eyes
He is so much in control but his arousal he canít disguise
Naked and vulnerable no sound in the room
All that I feel is an exciting sense of impending doom
I used to wonder how anticipation of pain could be so very hot
I look at my life now, so happy with what Iíve got
A man who is dominant but we both know who controls the bed
I am never afraid of him or feel a sense of dread
Hot breath against my neck and then a bite of my lower lip
A deep and sultry voice that says ďtonight weíll use the whipĒ
I swear to all that is holy I could soak the bed right there
But defy this beast of a God I wouldnít dare
See, Iím not allowed to peak until Iím given his permission
The complete submissiveness of me is his only mission
The first sting will bring some tears of this I have become certain
Giving him this much control over me doesnít feel like much of a burden
The pain becomes more intense with each and every lash
Perhaps itís best that I canít see, my eyes still covered with the sash
He needs to give as much as I need to receive
That I have this man in my life is sometimes hard to believe
After I am dazed and the skin has become much too raw
He takes off my sash and I stare at him in awe
He has the gentlest smile and there is so much tenderness in his eyes
Even though he wonít say it, his love he canít disguise
He kisses me so softly and we make love gently until dawn
He cradles me in his arms as I begin to yawn
I crave this man so much my love running very deeply
Now you know why the sunset truly makes me happy

Written by Her
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