The solace of adversity

It has been a cold winter
I sit huddled in my blankets
Balancing whether I should use my batteries to power the radiator or save them in case the day is grey
I love the sun
I love directly relying on it
Being so directly aware of relying on it
I missed it badly while it was gone
Sunk behind the buildings on the ridge  
Showing itself to me only by lighting the bare branches of the winter trees above the garden  
I had to carry my batteries to the mains and beg a bucketful of flux from her ladyship in the big house
Repaying her with offerings of food and cups of tea and an absence of comment on her plans to unhome me
 For ten weeks I had to carry my buckets back and forth and carefully ration the contents constrained by charging time and capacity

I took a hundred kilowatt hours in total, a satisfyingly nice round number:)

But now the sunbeams touch the understory and I need go begging no more
The absence of leaves allows them access to my roof even at the low angles of February
Power touches the panels and flows again along the trailing cables
Through the windows and the wall
And the numbers rise each day
Yesterday I saw them cross the hundred mark  
That arbitrary but satisfyingly round number  
Which elicited great excitement and glee
Out of all proportion to any actual significance
But a powerful mood enhancer
And a good antidote to nocturnal despair  
We humans are strange creatures to be able to gain satisfaction from such abstract things
Even as we torment ourselves with guilt about things beyond our control
I have enjoyed being cold because it became a challenge I could manage
Me vs the elements
Me with modern technology on my side
If not much else  
The solace of adversity kept me moving forward
Head up  
One foot after the other
Things to do
An occupied mind
Someone to care for  
What more does one really need?
Written by bookrabbit (Lu)
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