Hate reciprocally delivered is okay by me!

By Stanley Collymore

Why should I or any other logical,
sensible and highly intelligent
person, basically wantonly,
inconceivably or deferentially give
into the distinctively intentionally
concerted, crucially malevolently
egregious and rather discernibly
injurious actions quite distinctly
of those, who they quite clearly
donít know, have frankly, never
met and likewise ironically also
have simply, never occasioned
any harm to or malice actually
generally towards? So literally,
why give into threats, bullying
and other really odious forms
of vile, societal conduct which
is so undoubtedly discernibly
distinctively very detrimental
both to oneís logical physical
and too psychological being?

Such acquiescence to otherís
intolerance doesn't †make
any sense whatever to
me; to rather awfully enough, have
to involuntarily much less so quite
voluntarily, effectively put up with
such repulsive, and distinctly also
humiliating behaviour purely and
often in the literally, vain hope of
being accorded by such odiously
vile individuals a relatively easier
life, solely by duly conforming to
their demands, than if one were
to openly, literally courageously
and honourably also, challenge
this rankly imposed status quo!

(C) Stanley V. †Collymore
14 February 2023.

Author's Remarks:
On face value the concept of Valentine's Day is an excellent idea and even an invigorating notion, but in reality it's discernibly quite removed from what those who assiduously and commercially push it for all it's worth, doing so invariably for purely financial gain, make it out to be.

So sensibly, logically and intelligently I've formulated my own opinions about †Valentine's Day and accordingly allow you to likewise do the same in respect of yourself!
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