Its because CHRIST wants to become the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD !!  
In order for Him to do that, some evil ruler has to first take over the world !!  
And THAT is exactly what the Bible predicts:
"The BEAST will make war against the Christian nations" and "gain power over every nation"(Rev.13.7).
This means the Antichrist will take over THE WORLD !!  
Christ wants an evil dictator to take over the world so that Christ
 can then SAVE THE WORLD by defeating/destroying him(the Antichrist/"the Beast"/"the Destroyer"/"the Lawless One").
 God has an EGO.
 There's nothing wrong with that.
 He made the world so that He could become the Savior of it !!
 By rescuing it from the monster that TAKES OVER THE WORLD !!
 But in order for the bad guy to do that, science and technology had to come along.  
So that he could extend his reach to the farthest corners.
 You can't take over the world with bows and arrows, of course.
 So God gave Paul the apostle the idea that studying nature = a form of theology (Romans 1.19-20).  
That lifted the status of science (the study of Nature).  
For theology in those days was more prestigious (than it is today.) This led Christians to study nature and become scientists.
 Robert Oppenheimer, father of the A bomb credits the Church with "creating the atmosphere where science could flourish."
 Anyway it was the CHRISTIAN world which brought us sciences of every kind.
 90% if not 95% of all scientific discoveries were made by whom??
 By Christians (or Jews living in the Western, ie, Christian realm).
 Sure the ancient Greeks were the first scientists. But they only went so far. They couldn't keep it going. Sure, the Chinese gave us gun powder.  
But who developed it into canons, guns, rifles??  
The Christians!!
 Sure the Arabs gave us modern numbers.
 But we were smart enuff to dump Roman numerals - to our credit !!  
LSS: God enabled the Christian West to develop science to the point we now have nukes, missiles, jets, computers needed for nuclear war.
 God's plan is for an evil nation to use those same things to punish the depraved, decadent, apostate "WEST" !!  
And conquer Once-Christian Europe (hitting the USA as well).
 So that all Christians around the world will pray, "Mara Natha" (Come Lord) !!
 I'm talking about the Christians left behind -  
after Christians in America's big cities get raptured to heaven  
as nukes vaporize their bodies "in an instant, the twinkling of an eye," just like Paul the apostle foretold(1 Corinthians 15.51-52).
 (That number: 15.51, makes it easy to remember.)  
Only Christians that DIE will be raptured.
God could defeat the Antichrist BEFORE he takes over the world !!
 Why doesn't He !! Because that would deprive Christ of the title SAVIOR OF THE WORLD.  
You see, a boxer wants to fight the TITLE-Holding champion so that he can take his title from him.
 Boxing someone who has no title - it's not the same thing. Likewise with Christ !!  
By letting the Destroyer ("the Son of Destruction" 2 Thess.2.3) take over the world,
 and gain the title of ruler of the world, Christ insures what??  
When Christ defeats him HE automatically becomes  
"the KING OF THE WHOLE EARTH"(Zech. 14.9).
While the Antichrist rules the world (FOR ONLY 5 MONTHS, REV.9.5,10)  
he will terrorize the people, bringing back the Nazi Holocaust(against mainly Christians this time !!).  
This is how Christ arranges for the whole world to hate the Antichrist !!
 Yes, the Antichrist will be SO BAD that when Christ destroys him, Christ automatically will be acclaimed "THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD !!
 The whole world will convert to Christianity  
on that day (or due to that day).
 Bible Prophecy puts it like this:
 "The LORD will be KING over the whole earth.  
On that day there will be one LORD and one name
 [acknowledged by all mankind]" (Zechariah 14.9) !!
PS: Zechariah 14 doesn't really tell you how Christ defeats the Antichrist.  
You have to go to Isaiah 66.19. Leave a comment,  
and I will text you an explanation of what it says.
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
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