A friend asks me, "Why are you so fixated,
so enslaved to this idea that RUSSIA will take
 over the world by bombing the USA??"  
This guy is so dense that he says the billionaires,
 the "globalists" are a worse threat  
than the KREMLIN !!
 He says the WEF or World Economic Forum is running things !!  
THEY are the enemy, NOT the Russians.  
I've been conversing with him for like 10 years.  
I always thought of him as a human being,
 a person.  
Now to my surprise I discover he is only a human "organism,"  
or " lifeform," NOT a person !!  
Sure he has a human body.  
But unwanted fetuses do too.
 And are THEY considered people ??  
Under Roe v Wade they are not.  
Case law is new law based on Supreme Court decisions, ok??
 Well why not use Roe as the basis for EXPANDING
 this category of human creatures that are NOT considered human beings - people.  
Yeah, the guy I'm talking about belongs in THAT category !!  
Now for why I stress Russia as the natural obvious logical  
choice for the nation that the Bible - not me - says will "make war"  
and "gain power over every nation"(Revelation 13.7).  
To start with, only a SUPERPOWER can  
take over the world.  
For if a weakling ordinary nation makes war  
against one of the 2 SUPERPOWERS,
 who is supposed to win?? Obviously the bigger, more powerful nation,
 ie, the SUPERPOWER !!  
So Rev 13.7 logically is pointing to RUSSIA !!  
For there are only 2 S.P.s.  
And if we subtract the USA from the total,
 this leaves only Russia.  
(As for China, it's too far away from Europe.
 You see, Europe is the location of the 10 victim nations in Daniel 7.8!!  
Russia is closer to Europe than China is  
(in case you hadn't noticed).
 OK, that's one reason.  
Another reason: Zechariah 14 has an alliance of "all nations" invading ISRAEL in the EndTime (the present day).  
But no ring leader nation is named.  
But Ezekiel 38-39 depicts the very SAME  
invasion of ISRAEL in the ET.
 But this time RUSSIA is named as the leader  
of the horde of nations.  
Ok, its "Magog," not Russia.  
But wait, Magog IS Russia !!  
My point here is that in the EndTime,
 Russia will lead "many nations"(Ez 38-39) which can also be called "ALL nations"(Zech 14.1-4).  
So the question arises,  
WHY or HOW did Russia get into that position  
of power over the world??!!  
Well, if we (the movie director)  
cast Russia in the role of the nation that "makes war against"
 Christian nations ("the saints") in Rev.13.7,
 THAT would explain Russia's take over of (most of) the world.
(China will move toward war with Russia.  
But Christ prevents THAT war from beginning !! Thank You Jesus!! Matthew 24.22).  
OK, I've given u 2 reasons why Russia deserves to be acknowledged as the #1 enemy.  
I mean, the nation that will "take the Restrainer out of the way,"(2 Thess 2.6-7).  
Namely NATO !!  
Why is NATO a "natural" for the role of "the Restrainer" ??
 Well Paul the apostle spoke of the restraining going on IN HIS DAY -  
before the Restrainer even got there !!  
Well a prefigure of the EndTime Restrainer was apparently restraining some kind of prefigure  
of the bad guy even way back then.
(See 2 Thess.2.6-7 NKJV, not KJV).
 The "Lawless One" is the bad guy.  
Anyway if we think of NATO as the latter day version of the earlier prefigure,
 that prefigure should be the Roman empire holding back (= restraining)  
the barbarian tribes to the east that were pushing westward -  
into Roman territory.  
So the question arises, WERE the Roman armies
 holding back barbarian tribes coming out of the east,  
out of Russia or at least eastern Europe ??!!
(In Paul the apostle's day??)
Anybody with even just the brain of a fish,  
the "brain stem" KNOWS that much!!  
That confirms that NATO = the Restrainer !!  
But if you dont like the idea that NATO =  
the Restrainer, feel free to dwell in your own little "make-believe" world  
where "the Holy Spirit" is it.
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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