Haunted by Nonexistent

"I see, you're still chasing the ghost of me in which you knew so well in the moments I worshipped the ground you walked upon. Now, you're looking for my foot prints. Any trace to obtain that admiration again, to feel as though maybe you could get it back tenfold. If only you can get the proper words out to convince me. To show me you didn't mean to be the primary reason to doom this relationship to begin with. So do you really think you can plea with someone who doesn't exist anymore? At least the person you once knew. Do you think this new person would believe it after what was factually shown to be true about you? Do you think emotions could sway the one you damaged beyond emotional means to understand your reasonings for why you chose to do what you did to them? You think they care to know your thought process to justify what you decided to do? That's the thing about choices, you're not owed an understanding or to releave yourself of regret all in the purpose to selfishly satisfy yourself with the feeling of self proclaimed closure to matters you caused. I owe you nothing, and will give you nothing to provide you of those means. Because you were the one to decide that our relationship meant nothing not me. You just made that decision clear to me to act accordingly. The hole in your heart is your doing, not of my handy work. You'd know if it were, my foot print would be undeniable. There would be no mistake to whom it was. So keep chasing what's no longer there, after all. Someone has to mourn the person who no longer exists, it's the ghosts that really haunt us with the past choices we wished to have made or undo in retrospect.  
Clearly, I don't regret a thing."
Written by TheMonsterfromHe11
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