Plenty of Dead Fish in the Sea --

Plus Live Sharks

"The female deposits the egg, which the male fertilizes by
spraying sperm on it."
-- Day Care Lesson 1: "Fishie Sex"


The caviar of mergirls still is she,
this little roe unhatched sans any dream
of marrying a merboy spawned at sea
where oceanfuls of salty troubles teem --
yet being but an egg unfertilized,
she cannot miss her missing out on all
like trips to Disney World unsupervised
and hookups sly with Walt to not just trawl --
nor misses she the upscale gown of kale,
vast throngs of fishtail thongs sans any tops
or one huge Moby Dick or weeny whale
or upright porpoise great for island hops!
An ovum sole not spoiling for a worm --
she no-thing is till sprayed by fishy sperm . . .


a dedication of Respect
the Stench of rotting fish

a revolving helios sonnet shakespearean satire menippean on
natalism --
the ideology all wet
(as well as all at sea)

february, 2023 -- yet ova untold crying oceans of tears
in never once having been sprayed
by a dashing spermatozoon
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
Published | Edited 25th Jun 2023
Author's Note
Brain, Reason, Facts, Truths, Wisdom, Ethics, Preventionism, Efilism, Antinatalism
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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