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Image for the poem A Fantasy With A Beautiful Woman’s Wet Yoni (Poetically Inspired)

A Fantasy With A Beautiful Woman’s Wet Yoni (Poetically Inspired)

A Page Ripped From My Diary    
When I am with my beautiful bronze skin beauty, it transcends into an island getaway, an exotic cabana with soft breezes flowing from the beach through open windows, carrying with it the sweet smell of blossoms from outside the windows. Dozens of small lighted candles sprinkled around the bedroom announcing the presence of my beloved angel, lying naked on my queen size bed, seductively posing, lying on her side, supported on one elbow, one leg crossed over the top of the other at the knee.      
Her dangling  hair pulled back, draws attention to her face, that seemingly angelic face, but she wears a knowing smile...her teeth sparkling in the dim twinkling candle light, her soft indigo eyes, bold and daring, inviting me and there is no way I can refuse her....I know I can have her and yet I know that she will have me as well...    
Her smile diminishes to a grin as she watches me undress, stepping out of my bikini panties. Slowly I reveal my voluptuous frame to her, physically anticipating our languish time to be well spent. Her eyes scanning down my body, settling on my caramel coated skin pussy mound, I can see her approval reflecting. As I stride to the end of the huge bed, she lies back, spreading her arms wide over her head. Her back arches, and her breasts call to me. Delicious breasts that make me hunger for them as much as a woman can.      
Her legs open invitingly, her knees in the air, showing me her promised land, the essence of her soul, the core of her passion. Though I crave to bury my face between her gorgeous thighs, to feast at her door, I cannot resist the call of her lips. Climbing between her legs on my knees.      
Her eyes are as hungry as my mouth; I almost want to lick my lips before I lean down and press my lips softly against her soft ones. Help me, Lord, my lips could get lost in hers, so soft, so sweet, parting willingly as my tongue probes tentatively into her warm mouth.    
Kissing is underrated, especially when a woman kisses like she does. I can feel the passion, the controlled eagerness as our lips meld, tasting, teasing, and finally devouring each other. Lowering myself until my breasts touch her breasts, I can feel her hard nipples. I can feel her feet slipping behind my knees, teasing me to get closer, and you know how close I want to get to her femininity.    
Reluctantly, moving down from her face, I hover above one breast and I look into her eyes...    
“Reading the question in the sparking depths?”    
 Drawing her hot mouth down to her nipple.    
Although, there is much to be said about hard, fast sex, initially with a woman as beautiful and sexy as her, I want to take my time, to relish the memory of her every kiss, the scent of her wet cunt, and the feel of every part of her curvaceous body. I could spend hours making love to her light-brownish full breasts. Kneading them, one at a time, feeling every square inch of them, and especially that sweet valley between them. Holding a breast in each hand, I kiss every inch between them and then run my tongue up and down her cleavage.    
Umm mmm…the sweet taste of her flesh excites me.    
Licking one of her breasts from the outer edge in circles, each circle moving closer to the center, whereas her hard dark pebble awaits my hungry mouth. Brushing my tongue across it, slowly, scraping it against the flat of my tongue.... can you feel my warm breath on your nipple sexy woman.      
“She has me so turned on.”    
Slowly my lips cover her nipple in a chaste kiss, but then my mouth opens and slides over the nipple, sucking until my mouth is filled with the sweetness of her breast flesh. I like to fill my mouth and then suckle it firmly.    
I disengage myself so that I can lie on the right side of her, while working her breast with my lips, tongue, and mouth, my left hand slides down across her flat abs, so slowly, almost lightly enough to tickle her skin until it reaches the ingress of her tight pussy hole.    
I can feel her eyes on me as I pop her breast out my mouth. My finger slides slowly inside her wet pussy, and as I look into her eyes, I pull my finger out and bring it to her lips. As she leans up to accept my offering, I lean down at the same time so that our lips kiss, as I slide my wet finger between them and into her mouth.  I can feel her breath coming faster as our lips simultaneously lick my finger.    
In this position and especially with this given opportunity to please a wet pussy I’ve waited so long to sniff, taste, and then greedily lick, I move down to lie between her thighs, intending to ask her permission, I look up, but her legs silently slip over my shoulders, she arches her back as her pussy rises to touch my face. Quickly I slide my hands under her soft ass and press my face into her warm core.    
Loving the smell of her cunt, the taste of her soft folds    
My tongue searches the inner depths, scraping her clenching walls, sucking the juices of her wet essence. My tongue worshiping inside her soulful cream, my fingers joining in the dual pleasure of pleasing her. Her whimpers blanketing my ears    
My tender hands drops down between her thighs; she cups my head just behind my ears    
Her moans shallow, louder. Her hands move me just enough to gently remind me of where my mouth and tongue should be. I swirl my tongue around her clit, over and over. For long wonderful minutes I savor the taste of her creamy pussy hole, alternating my tongue from delving into her honeypot to flicking across her slit, until her hands press my head firmly into her cunt.    
Teasing her sugar walls into a submissive role to climax in my mouth .    
There can be no greater thrill than to feel a woman taking her orgasms from my mouth in such a way, over and over, greedily as she is stealing the passion from my mouth, hungrily for her need to be pleased.    
Holding her ass firmly in my palms, I pull her even tighter against my lips, sucking her clit into my mouth, I flick my tongue across it relentlessly until her body twerks in response. Her hips lifting, her legs closing, her thighs swallow my face as she fills my mouth with her pinkish folds, faintly I hear... “Oh yeah, please...don’t stop!”    
Taking another woman to an oral climax is soothing, but taking her to multiple oral orgasms takes patience, skill, and tenderness. My eager tongue dipping inside the sweetness of her juiced soaked pussy, giving her an earth shattering orgasm, licking her unmercifully until she pushes me away from the gluttonous. But when she does, she always allows me the privilege of lapping up the sweetness that coats her thighs and my face.    
I do hope nobody is reading this diary entry...

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 3rd Feb 2023
Author's Note
Giving some Black History love to my favorite Erotic Author, Zane, an author who has blazed the passage of acceptance in the musing/writing of eroticism. She has made her cornerstone as the best female author of risque novels long before the introduction of the Fifty-Shades Of Grey Novel Trilogy. Let’s hear it for her novels of pure delight, the inspiration of my words are from the novel, Purple Panties.

I apologize in advance for any errors will be adjust once I get home from work..

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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