It's  Nature.

"Can't you stop them hissing Dar?"    
"No son---their dying."  
"Maybe we should take em out?"    
"No son. That's our supper!"    
"Don't fink I want it anymore Dar."    
"Why not? I thought you loved eating em?"    
"I---I---Ido,but not anymore Dar."    
"Take em out Dar. Please!"    
"I can't son. They're nearly done now."    
(Sighing,Son walks 2wards the back garden door.)    
"Where ya going son? Supper is nearly ready."    
"I'm not hungry Dar."    
"Come on son. I'm doing your favourite with them as well."    
"My favourites?"    
"Yes son--" Dauphinoise potatoes and petit pois peas."    
"No Dar."    
"I picked the juiciest one's 4u son."    
"NO DAR--- don't want it."    
"Those greedy bastards tried 2 pinch me."    
"Ru alright Dar?"    
"Yes son--- I tore their claws outta their fucking sockets!"    
"Oh Dar!"    
"Listen son. They've stopped hissing."    
"Are they dead Dar?"    
"Yes son--- come on. I can't eat all of em on me own."    
"I can't Dar. I feel like a murderer!"    
"Don't talk daft son. Its natural.Anyways,they don't have any feelings son."    
"They must do. They hissed."    
"They can't make a sound son. They don't ave vocal chords."    
"I don't care.Its Murder Dar!"    
"You're a weird one son. More like your mam."    
"I think I'm gonna become a vegetarian Dar."    
(Bemused by his son,Dar walks 2 the draw,taking the sharpest knife out,and nonchalantly, infused with severe brutality. Repeatedly stabs at the sentients in the pot full of boiling water.    
His son opens the back garden door.)    
©Wired6 29/1/2023.
Written by Wired6
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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