All It Took Was Milk (Part 1)

It all started - literally - over a glass of spilt milk. A 6 oz puddle of 2%. A small white puddle slowly spreading out in all directions, taking on what seemed - in His eyes - to become an Olympic-sized swimming pool. A momentary pause…
          … then the screaming began.  
This event, a cup accidentally knocked over, was the catalyst for the explosion. Aimed at two kids sitting: cereal spoons in hand; half-eaten bowls of sugary, fruity, O’s; once-melted butter solidifying on cold toast. In the kitchen, at a place where normally it’s a time to get energized for a slogging 10-hour work day for Him, and 6 hours of drudgery at school for them.  
Months of pent-up anger, frustration, discontentment, resentment… all let loose. Hurled toward the breakfast table. A volcano of expletives exploding out into the ether. The inquisition targeting no one in particular…  
           “How the FUCK did that happen?!”  
           “Who the FUCK wasn’t paying attention?!”  
           “Who’s gonna clean this GODDAMMED SHIT up?!”  
           “How the HELL are we gonna GET OUR ASSES out on time?!”  
Wide, fear filled eyes staring from the breakfast table; tears running down chipmunk cheeks turning red with embarrassment.  
           “I’m sorry…”  
… repeated over and over between sobs. He KNOWS the sorrow. He KNOWS it was just an accident. He KNOWS it’s just a fucking glass of milk. But at that moment…  
… to Him…  
… it was the world crashing down.
Written by cjflier
Published | Edited 22nd Feb 2023
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